FIR Review

FIR Review
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Director: Manu Anand
Producer: Shubhra, Aryan Ramesh
Release Date: Fri 11th Feb 2022
Actors: Vishnu Vishal
FIR Rating: 2.75 / 5
FIR Punchline: A realistic fire

What's Behind

Kollywood hero Vishnu Vishal's FIR, a bilingual entertainer is releasing in Telugu and the film is generating immense interest as Mass Raja Raviteja got associated with the project. The film is releasing on February 11, 2022 in a grand manner. Let us see what impact FIR made at the box office.

Story Review

Irfan Ahmad (Vishnu Vishal), the IIT gold medalist, fails to get a job suited for his qualification and ends up working in a chemical factory in Visakhapatnam. Irfan lives peacefully with his mother Praveena Begum (Parvathi), who works as police. He gets disappointed as he gets rejected by top companies as he tells them he is a devout Muslim. However, his boss promises a bright future in his company and starts sending him to Kochi and Hyderabad.

His trips coincide with the dreaded terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka and NIA headed by Ajay Devan (Gautham Menon), suspects that dreaded terrorist Abu Bakar Abdullah is in India planning attacks and his team comprising of Anisha Qureshi (Razia Wilson), Gunasekhar (Praveen Kumar) goes in search of him. A bomb blast in Hyderabad and Ifran Ahmad becomes the prime suspect. How Irfan Ahmad's life changes and what is his connection with his girlfriend Archana (Reba Monica John) and whether his friend lawyer Prarthana (Manjima Mohan) able to prove his connection, forms the crux of FIR.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director Manu Anand came up with a thought-provoking patriotic story. The narration starts off at a slow pace with the director putting all the details and facts in place introducing various characters. The narration slowly picks pace and the first half ends on an interesting note. The second half races at a supersonic pace but at times defied logic. The narration ends with the shades of the popular web series The Family Man. Manu Anand highlighted how the investigation of even the top intelligence agency NIA gets blinded with the name of a Muslim. It also highlighted how a particular community is looked upon with suspicion and how others pass off without a blink of an eyelid as the climax is unraveled. However, for all the powerful thought-provoking dialogues, he left many loose ends and came with illogical scenes dissipating the interest of the movie lovers. The story though interesting has some routine elements and the screenplay and direction are quite interesting.

Vishnu Vishal slipped into the role of Irfan Ahmad effortlessly. He with his subtle expressions and emotions made a strong impact. The dialogues are powerful and more than the dialogues, he pierced the hearts asking probing questions with his eyes. His body language is perfect and he connected chords with the movie lovers. Parvathi performed well as the mother of Vishnu Vishal and her emotions at the crucial scenes played an important part in elevating the proceedings.

Razia Wilson played the role of an aggressive NIA officer Anisha Qureshi and she did her role well. Reba Monica John did the role of Irfan's girlfriend Archana and the typical role comes with a shocking surprise. Gautham Menon performed well in the role of NIA chief while Manjima Mohan did her part as the lawyer Prarthana. Praveen Kumar played the role of Gunasekhar in a convincing manner. Others played their roles accordingly.

Ashwath elevated the proceedings with his background music and the cinematography of Arul Vincent is top class. Editing of Prasanna is good in bits and pieces. At times, the proceedings are hurried and other times they are dragged. Production values are good. Dialogues are powerful and thought-provoking.


Screenplay, Direction

Vishnu Vishal

Few twists, dialogues





Missing logics


Rating Analysis

Vishnu Vishal's FIR directed by Manu Anand came with a powerful take on how the top investigation agencies in the country carry out their investigations and how few innocents get affected by their high-handedness. However, for all the intelligent and realistic portrayal of a few scenes and interesting story, screenplay, and direction, the final impact is missed completely due to the cinematic liberties taken by the director Manu Anand. Had he not done so and stuck the realistic narration, movie lovers would have experienced an interesting and impactful riveting thriller. Considering all these elements, CJ goes with a 2.75 rating for FIR.


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