Family Drama Review

Family Drama Review
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Director: Meher Tej
Producer: Meher Tej and Teja Kasarapu
Release Date: Fri 29th Oct 2021
Actors: Suhas
Family Drama Rating: 2 / 5
Family Drama Punchline: Except for Suhas it's a trauma!

What's Behind

Suhas' Family Drama directed by Meher Tej is streaming on Sony LIV OTT. Let us see what Family Drama offered to viewers.

Story Review

Sadashiva Rao (Sanjay Ratha) earns the reputation of a good person in the office with his colleagues but he gives immense torture to his wife Parvathi (Shruti Meher) and sons Rama (Suhas) and Lakshman (Teja Kasarapu). One son Rama runs away unable to bear his torture. Sadashiva Rao's dictatorial ways force them to take a shocking decision aided and supported by Lakshman's wife Yamini (Pooja Kiran) and Rama's wife Mahati (Anusha Noothula). To the top of it, they are haunted by the mysterious killings in the city by a psychopath in the city. Where this will lead should be found out on screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director Meher Tej on debut came with a different genre of a crime thriller. Though the narration is slow, he did not deviate from the main point keeping the interest of the viewers intact. He highlighted the family's emotions, feelings and how the relations change conveniently according to the situation to meet their selfish deeds. He dared to be different and portrayed all the characters having one or the other faults and this may come as something surprising to the viewers.

His story is different and the screenplay and direction are to the point. However, with the raw elements, unpredictable nature and narration, and characters changing their intentions in a jiffy may find it difficult for the viewers to connect with. Director made clear that no one is a saint and it is like a devil chanting holy verses.  Director elevated Suhas' character more than the others. but he gave equal importance to all. Dialogues are good. He has taken a good time to get into the story and gave importance to the introduction of characters and their traits. The narration is the slow pace and the real story starts after an hour. During the interval, interest increases but into the second half, once again repetitive scenes and routine elements drag the narration. The climax surprises all but could have been executed in a better manner.

Suhas stole the show showcasing his acting talent. He with his expressions and emotions, dialogue delivery, mannerisms made an impact. Teja Kasarapu as his brother also did well. Pooja Kiran and Anushka Nutula performed well as the female leads. Shruti Meher and Sanjay Ratha though got very few dialogues made a powerful impact. But Shruti at times overdid her part.

Ajay and Sanjay's music is good and they elevated the scenes with their background score taking viewers to another level giving them the thrilling kick. Venkat R Sakhamuri's cinematography is good and gave a realistic feel to the entire story. However, he could have done even better to make an impact. The editing of Rama Krishna Arram is quite good. Production values are good.





Twists during the interval and climax


Slow pace

Routine story

Lack of commercial elements

Violence and gory scenes

Rating Analysis

Meher Tej on debut came with a crime thriller titling it in a different manner as Family Drama. Unlike other psycho thrillers involving psychopaths, he chose a completely different setup and backdrop. He emerged successful for most of the time but showcasing the entire family as villains may not connect chords with the viewers leaving them with a mixed feeling. Considering all these aspects, CJ goes with a 2 rating for Family Drama.


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