Falaknuma Das Review

Falaknuma Das Review
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Director: Vishwak Sen
Producer: Karate Raju, Cherlapally Sandeep, Manoj Kumar and
Release Date: Fri 31st May 2019
Actors: Vishwak Sen
Falaknuma Das Rating: 3.0 / 5
Falaknuma Das Punchline: Hyderabadi Raw

Falaknuma Das Review, What’s Behind:

After making a mark with Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi, young Vishwak Sen is coming up with Falaknuma Das. Besides doing lead role, he also took up writing and direction responsibilities. Let’s see how far he succeeded in juicing the Hyderabad masala?

Falaknuma Das Story Review:

Inspired by local rowdy Sankaranna, Das (Vishwak Sen) and friends decide to become gangsters at young age. Things go pretty normal until situations force them to associate with Sankaranna’s murderers Raju and Ravi in a business. Meanwhile, Das accidentally kills Raju-Ravi’s follower and police are here to send him jail. What are the efforts Das and co make to free themselves from case form crux of story.

Falaknuma Das Artists, Technicians Review:

Of late, Telugu audiences are clearly inclined to watch realistic films with heart in right place. What’s more, films based on Telangana are in-form with high success rate. Falaknuma Das, an official remake of Malayalam hit also fall in same category of realistic films in pucca Telangana backdrop. The film is set in Falaknuma area in old city, Hyderabad. Each and every artist in the film speaks typical Hyderabad slang which connects chord with all local guys. Dialogues are crude and will frequently find one or the other artists verbally abusing (Gaaliya). Writing part is so magical that we are hooked to the narration, though screenplay and direction went patchy. Camera work is nauseating and a little jerky. Songs as well as BGM stand out. Editing is sharp though length should have been reduced. Production values are more than acceptable.

Onto artists, Vishwak Sen tried to prove a point that he can aptly fit into the bill for commercial films where hero takes on goons and dances to mass numbers. Besides showing extra talents, Vishwak simply lived in the character with different variations. This guy is a true replica of next door old city Poradu.

After Vishwak, artists who played Raju, Ravi grab attention with their intense looks. Tharun Bhascker’s role is brief and enjoyable. One particular scene, where he warns local rowdies is notable. Uttej is at his usual best. No single heroine out of three looked striking. Every other artist gave remarkable performance.

Falaknuma Das Review Advantages:

Vishwak Sen & Co



Realistic Treatment

Four to Five Goosebumps Moments

Falaknuma Das Review Drawbacks:



Over Massy

Just For One Section Audience

Falaknuma Das Review, Rating Analysis:

Remade from Malayalam hit film Angamaly Diaries, definitely the Telugu version looks fresh with realistic making and new casting. Very rarely do we find Telugu films dissecting at the deep in roots of Hyderabad old city traditions and culture. Now and then, few makers tried their hand but missed on core cultural authenticity. This is where Falaknuma Das pays off. Director Vishwak Sen should be appreciated for transforming Malayalam nativity into hardcore Telugu taste as he picked locations, artists and everything within old city that made easy for us to journey with Das and his gang. If you belong to any of the areas in old city, you will identify yourself, your friends on big screen and the quintessential atmosphere you roam around in daily life. May it be the food, festivities or the life style, Das has set a classic standard for Falaknuma.

Movie starts off on interesting note only to fall in mediocrity before Das narrates the childhood flashback. His fascination for local goon Shivanna and the way builds a gang of own are dealt flawless with good writing part. Love track is though pale, Vishwak’s screen presence keeps us engaged. Movie becomes further absorbing with Das stepping into new business, builds rivalry with opposite batch in meat business. Especially, one shot when opposite batch flings bomb on Das meat shop and following episodes pave way for unconventional interval and treatment, characters at best.

Second half also had a decent take off, then falls flat as Uttej, Vishwak and friends struggle to find needful money to escape from police case. Tharun Bhaskar as SI Saidulu nailed it, sure shot whistles. Betting and three cards business are just ok. Third love track of Vishwak is weaved well into the situational advantage. Patch up with rival batch appears as if the film is moving towards regular climax. Here’s where Vishwak showed contrasting flavor. The single take of 10 minutes odd shot though could have been better with less cinematics yet registers a new finale.

All in all, Falaknuma Das is expectedly not a thorough brilliant film. It’s the terrifying realistic treatment, neat storytelling, all new casting… beyond all the absolute hard work went behind in production and post production makes it a winner with 3 stars rating from Cinejosh. Commercial applause is sure shot from B, C centers in Telangana along with Hyderabad. Rest depends on how well the film will be promoted from here on. Undoubtedly, Falaknuma Das is an attempt that is worth encouraging.


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