Extra Ordinary Man Review

Extra Ordinary Man Review
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Director: Vakkantam Vamsi
Producer: Sudhakar Reddy, Nikitha Reddy
Release Date: Fri 08th Dec 2023
Actors: Nithiin, Sreeleela, Rajasekhar, Sudev Nair, Rao Ramesh, Rohini, Brahmaji, Ajay, Harshavardhan, Annapurna, Pavitra, Ravi Varma, Hyper Aadi, Srikanth Iyengar, Satyakrishnan and others
Extra Ordinary Man Movie Rating: 2.25 / 5
Punchline: Extra Ordinary Man - Entertaining Man !

Extra Ordinary Man (2023): What's Behind

Nithiin's  Extra Ordinary Man has piqued the curiosity of audiences with its engaging teaser and trailer. Directed by the talented Vakkantam Vamsi, the film is set to hit the screens on December 8, 2023, showcasing Sreeleela in the pivotal role of the female lead. For Nithiin, this project carries significant weight, as it becomes a focal point for redemption after his previous films faced challenges at the box office.

Following the success of "Bheeshma," Nithiin faced a setback in maintaining his winning streak, encountering box office challenges with subsequent films like "Maestro," "Check," "Rang De," and "Macherla Niyojaka Vargam." Despite the acclaim "Bheeshma" received, these ventures failed to replicate the same success.

Similarly, Vakkantam Vamsi, renowned for penning stories for blockbuster hits, is still on the journey to establish his directorial prowess. Despite his track record in delivering compelling narratives, the transition to directorial success has proven to be a different challenge for him.

It remains to be seen how both Nithiin and Vakkantam Vamsi navigate these hurdles and bounce back in their respective roles within the film industry. As movie enthusiasts eagerly await the release, Extra Ordinary Man holds the promise of a fresh and entertaining cinematic experience. Nithiin's optimism and the film's intriguing promotional material set the stage for a potential turnaround in his cinematic journey. Let's unravel the layers of entertainment and discover what Extra Ordinary Man has in store for movie lovers, as Nithiin aims to captivate audiences with this upcoming venture.

Extra Ordinary Man Movie: Story Review

Extra Ordinary Man unfolds the tale of Abhinav (Nithiin), an ordinary man aspiring to transform into an extraordinary figure through his actions. Born to Somasekhar (Rao Ramesh) and Usha (Roshini), Abhinav finds himself relegated to the sidelines as an extra in film shoots. His unwavering dream is to rise to the pinnacle of stardom, envisioning himself as a top actor.

Amidst his cinematic aspirations, Abhinav secures a job under Likhitha (Sreeleela), the Managing Director of Yaksha Group of Companies. The narrative pivots on Abhinav's journey as he endeavors to transcend the ordinary and etch his presence on the grand canvas of the big screen. The unfolding drama delves into the twists and turns that shape his life, exploring how his path intersects with characters like SI Bhaskar (Ajay), IG Vijay Chakravarthy (Rajasekhar), and the mysterious Nero (Sudev Nair).

The film's narrative weaves a tapestry of Abhinav's quest for extraordinariness, exploring the intricate connections that bind these characters together. As the story unfolds, viewers are taken on a captivating journey, unraveling the complexities of Abhinav's aspirations and the unexpected twists that shape his destiny.

Nithin's Extra Ordinary Man: Artists Review

Nithiin delivers a stellar performance, pouring his heart and soul into his role. His ability to showcase a spectrum of expressions and emotions is commendable, and his impeccable body language adds depth to his character. Nithiin's mastery of mannerisms translates into genuine laughter, captivating the audience on the grand canvas of the big screen.

Sreeleela, while predominantly showcased through dances and songs, fulfills the requirements of her role with finesse. Unfortunately, the script doesn't provide her ample space to exhibit her acting prowess. Sudev Nair, making his Telugu debut, steps into the shoes of the quintessential antagonist, playing the routine villain role convincingly. The ensemble cast, including seasoned actors like Rao Ramesh, adds layers to the narrative. Rao Ramesh, in particular, stands out with his entertaining dialogue delivery, mannerisms, and expressions, even if his role is somewhat typecast.

Angry star Rajasekhar plays a pivotal role in the film, portraying a cop with grace. His performance is satisfactory, and he carries the weight of his character with poise.

The supporting cast, featuring names like Brahmaji, Ajay, Harshavardhan, Annapurna, Pavitra Naresh, Ravi Varma, Hyper Aadi, Jagadish Pratap Bhandari, Sonia Singh, Satyasri, Hari Teja, Srikanth Iyengar, Rupa Lakshmi, Satyakrishnan, and Pradeep, all contribute effectively, seamlessly fitting into their respective roles and enhancing the overall cinematic experience. Each actor plays an integral part, contributing to the film's cohesiveness.

Extra Ordinary Man Telugu Film: Technicians Review

The narrative of Extra Ordinary Man, curated by Vakkantam Vamsi, unfolds as a side-splitting entertainer. Vamsi's primary focus remains on delivering a laughter-packed experience, often sidelining logical coherence. From the opening scenes to the closing moments, the film is woven with a string of uproarious sequences that aim to captivate the audience. Despite the presence of some routine and monotonous elements, the comedic charm manages to shine through.

However, as the story progresses into the second half, it becomes laden with predictable scenes, putting the audience's patience to the test. The film concludes with Nithiin embarking on yet another extraordinary mission, leaving room for potential sequels or future adventures.

Harris Jayaraj's musical compositions receive a lukewarm reception, characterized by mass appeal but lacking enduring impact. The songs, though fitting the mass genre, at times disrupt the narrative flow. While Jayaraj's background score is decent, there is room for improvement to elevate the overall cinematic experience. The cinematography, handled by Arthur A. Wilson ISC, Yuvraj J, and Sai Sriram, showcases moments of brilliance but occasionally appears out of sync with the narrative.

Praveen Pudi's editing falls short of its potential, with instances of dragging scenes that could have benefited from a more streamlined approach. Despite these technical nuances, the film maintains commendable production values, contributing positively to its overall presentation.

Extra Ordinary Man: Advantages

  • Nithiin
  • Sreeleela glamour
  • Hilarious elements

Extra Ordinary Man: Disadvantages

  • Screenplay, Direction
  • BGM, Songs
  • Predictable Flavor

Extra Ordinary Man Movie: Rating Analysis

Altogether, Extra Ordinary Man proves to be a decent and amusing film. Vakkantam Vamsi deserves commendation for showcasing Nithiin in a genuinely hilarious role. While the storyline is somewhat predictable, the screenplay and direction fail to deliver the expected thrills. If more attention had been given to these elements, the overall impact of Extra Ordinary Man could have been significantly enhanced.

Despite these shortcomings, it's essential to acknowledge the film's positive aspects, particularly Nithiin's commendable performance in a comedic role. However, the predictable narrative and lackluster direction prevent the movie from reaching its full potential.

Taking into account these various factors, Cinejosh awards Extra Ordinary Man a 2.25 rating. The film manages to entertain, but it falls short of achieving greatness due to its formulaic plot and uninspiring direction.

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