Evaru Review

Evaru Review
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Director: Venkat Ramji
Producer: PVP Cinema
Release Date: Thu 15th Aug 2019
Actors: Adivi Sesh
Evaru Rating: 3 / 5
Evaru Punchline: Intelligent Mystery

Evaru Review, What’s Behind:

Off late, Adivi Sesh has developed a tremendous record in picking right scripts and properly executing directors. Post Goodachari, definitely audience waited with excitement for Evaru because prestigious production house PVP, comeback of Regina and attention grabbing promotional stuff hiked the expectations on this proven free-make. Whether Sesh struck to his forte? Let us find it…

Evaru Story Review:

Movie begins with Sam (Regina Cassandra) shooting policeman Ashok (Naveen Chandra) to death and is arrested on murder charges only to prove that she is a rape victim. Having got a tough advocate on opposite side, Sam hires corrupt cop Vikram Vasudev (Adivi Sesh) to find the inner sources information and get rid from the case. Interestingly, Vikram finds a strange link of Sam with an old case of a missing businessman Vinay Varma (Murali Sharma) and the pain underwent by his son, a cancer patient Adarsh Varma all the way back in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu. The interesting version of Regina in connection with her boyfriend Ashok (Naveen Chandra) and Vikram Vasudev’s version of Adarsh crisscross the paths to deliver a final punch. Who actually is Vikram Vasudev? What happened to Vinay Varma? Why did Sam kill Ashok?

Evaru Artists, Technicians Review:

First of all, Evaru story is not original and is inspired largely from Spanish crime thriller The Invisible Guest which was remade in Hindi as Badla. What makes Evaru a fresh watch even for those who watched the original is the alteration in screenplay. A completely new setup is created with fresh scenes besides giving enough scope for emotions and family drama suitable for Telugu audience. Screenplay is racy except for a tiny portion in both halves. First half is engaging and you feel as if you blink for a moment, we might go miss something. 

Though it is debut directorial for Venkat Ramji, he dealt the the complicated subject like an expert. Showing his mark, he has come up with a different characterization and backstory for the protagonist for which he needs an appreciation. Screenplay and dialogues penned by Abburi Ravi are very intelligent, went hand in hand. Vamsi with his cinematography and block settings increased the the thrilling experience wherein Sri Charan's music extremely complimented the visuals. Editor Gary needs special mention for his sharp cuts making the half way story telling an easy understood for common audience. Production values from PVP Cinema are just picture perfect for a thriller film.

Sesh did a two shaded role superbly. His dialogue delivery added intensity to story flow. Even in many of the close up shots, Sesh looked so confident that we just blow away with his design of whole setup. Regina just lived into Sam character. Chameleon attributes and Regina’s transition is so authentic. Her greedy arrogance and hot-on-bed kissing scenes with Naveen Chandra needs an underline. Then Naveen Chandra is an apt fit who bought in loads of conviction supplementing Regina in key parts. Murali Sharma and the artist who did his son are too good. Rest of the artists struck to their parts.             

Evaru Review Advantages:


Sesh, Regina



Background Score

Evaru Review Disadvantages:

For Multiplex Audience

Serious Setup

Repetitiveness in Second Half  

Evaru Review, Rating Analysis:

Despite a fact that Evaru is a free-make of Sujoy Ghosh’s crime mystery thriller Badla yet Sesh and his team of director Venkat Ramji, writer Abburi Ravi made adequate changes in final script to suit Telugu emotions. Majority of the film is two-way dialogue drama between Sesh, Regina unfolding many twists enroute. In simple, there’s just one incident and multiple versions, one from the perspective of accused who tries to hide crucial facts and the other is from the perspective of sufferer. But, it’s the terrific chemistry between Sesh and Regina supported by performances from Naveen Chandra, Murali Sharma add lot of believability. 

First half kick starts on Regina killing Naveen Chandra and then hiring corrupt cop Sesh. Till the moment, Sesh and Regina join for a conversation with drinks, it went pale and simple. Acceleration picks up suddenly when Sesh brings in the characters of missing man Murali Sharma and his son. Emotional buildup in this thread is neatly accomplished as this is crucial to deliver final punch. Interval is a moderate bang on with a solid question mark, are Vaishnavi and Sam the same?

Second half is all about Regina narrating the cleverly-innocent confession behind Murali Sharma’s missing with key facts hidden about Naveen Chandra. Entire story twists up-down when Sesh bunts on Regina’s disguise. Here’s where writing department scores in distinction to make final proceedings pack a punch with three level surprises unveil a captivating mystery.

In final, Evaru is an intelligently weaved gripping thriller with lots of twists, turns. Though the premise is similar to regular revenge stories, tight screenplay backed by solid performances from lead artists and decent number of edge of the seat story telling moments make Evaru a good watch for the weekend. This is plus one more to Sesh’s directory. Given the restricted budget spent, Evaru is a quick on recovery for makers and most probably a profitable venture for all those involved in the BO stake. Two weeks back we had a superb thriller Rakshasudu and now one more mystery to crack in intelligent Evaru. CJ goes with 3 stars.


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