ET Evariki Thalavanchadu Review

ET Evariki Thalavanchadu Review
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Director: Pandiraj
Producer: Kalanithi Maran
Release Date: Thu 10th Mar 2022
Actors: Suriya
ET (Evariki Thalavanchadu) Rating: 2 / 5
ET (Evariki Thalavanchadu) Punchline: Social message misses the target.

What's Behind

Kollywood Star Suriya enjoys an immense craze even in Tollywood. He won the acclaim of all with his thought-provoking and message-oriented films like Aakasame Nee Haddura and Jai Bhim. His film ET(Evariki Thalavanchadu) is releasing amidst huge expectations in theatres, unlike his previous films. Let us see what impact Suriya made with ET.

Story Review

Krishna Mohan (Suriya), son of Adi Narayana (Satyaraj) and Kausalya(Saranya Ponvanan), is a lawyer who fights for the right cause in the villages Uttarapuram and Dakshinapuram. Mysterious deaths of women result in mistrust between people of both villages. Suriya falls in love with Adhira (Priyanka Arul Mohan) of the other village and gets married. However mysterious deaths and missing women problems take a new turn and Krishna Mohan gets a shock of his life. To find out more about it and how it is connected to Minister's son Kamesh (Vinai Rai), watch ET on the silver screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Pandiraj is known for mass family entertainers and tried to elevate the heroism of Suriya post Jai Bhim. He came up with a message-oriented story and added mass elements along with family emotions and sentiment. He tried to balance both of them but in trying to do so, the narration took a beating. Whenever he tried to elevate the family and romantic elements, the interest and intensity levels dipped. This resulted in routineness in the story and had it been taken care of, it would have become a powerful mass message-oriented film. The entire first half is loaded with family, romantic elements, and only towards the end of the first half, does interest increase as the core point is touched upon. Interest level reaches peaks during the second half but as one expected an intense filled climax it turned out to be routine much to the disappointment of the viewers. Too much of Tamil flavor at times irritated the viewers.

Suriya performed extremely well in his role. He performed his role effortlessly and showed grace while arguing the case in the courtroom as a lawyer and showing his mass avatar with utmost intensity when he is off the court. He delivered powerful dialogues and enacted breathtaking stunts and he looked younger than his age. He danced with ease and his mass moves will be a treat to his fans. Suriya carried the film on his shoulders. He showed good expressions and emotions and elevated the scenes with his body language.

Priyanka Arul Mohan looked good and impressive on-screen. Her chemistry with Suriya is good and entertained viewers. Vinai Rai did his role as an antagonist with ferocity. Satyaraj and Saranya Ponvanan as the parents of Suriya entertained with their expressions. Others performed according to their roles.

D.Imman came with mass tunes for the songs. The songs are well shot and Suriya and Priyanka impressed trying different costumes. He elevated the scenes with his BGM. Ratnavelu's cinematography is ok but could have been better. he could have added more value to the film. The editing of Rubens could have been better as there are scenes that brought down the tempo when it was about to take off.






Routine elements



Rating Analysis

Suriya's ET (Evariki Thalavanchadu) generated interest among movie lovers. Pandiraj tried to make an impact with a powerful social message revolving around women. However routine shades in the film, half-baked Jai Bhim flavor, monotonous story, cliched narration, uneven screenplay, and direction impacted the film in a big manner. Considering these aspects, CJ goes with a 2 rating for ET (Evariki Thalavanchadu).


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