Enemy Review

Enemy Review
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Director: Anand Shankar
Producer: S.Vinod Kumar
Release Date: Thu 04th Nov 2021
Actors: Vishal
Enemy Rating: 2 / 5
Enemy Punchline: Turns out to be a Misery

What's Behind

Expectations increased when Kollywood heroes Vishal and Arya joined hands to come with a multi starrer Enemy. The duo enjoys a good following even in Telugu states and the film directed by Anand Shankar was released on November 4th as a Diwali treat. Let us find out whether Enemy thrilled movie lovers or not.

Story Review

Surya (Vishal) makes a promise to his father (Thambi Ramaiah) during his childhood and helps him in running a grocery shop in Singapore. As he is enjoying his life along with his newfound girlfriend Asvita (Mrinalini Ravi), a medical student, his locality witness a cylinder blast. Even as he tries to find out the root cause behind the blast, Surya gets arrested for the assassination attempt on India's External Affairs Minister Arundhati Mohan. Life comes to full circle when he comes to know about the mastermind behind the sinister design. Where this leads to, what is its connection to Rajeev (Arya) and his lover Anisha (Mamata Mohan Das) unravels the plot of Enemy.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director Anand Shankar starts off the narration in an interesting manner. But once the characters of Arya and Vishal are established, it doesn't turn out to be a battle of equals and this dilutes the film's intensity. Many of the scenes look out of face and out of context and narration turns predictable. After a point, it even tests the patience of the viewers. Anand Shankar might have thought that the initial scenes test the intelligence of the viewers in the coming scenes, as they progressed turned out to be illogical and forced. Screenplay and direction turn out to be routine and he left many flaws in the story.

Anand Shankar could have come with a thriller his quest for romantic elements and songs placement weakened the entire plot. The clash between Vishal and Arya turned out to be too predictable without any real twists and turns. Had Anand Shankar worked on the script, the result would have been different.

Vishal performed his role effortlessly. The role is tailormade for him and he did well. Mrinalini Ravi is ok in her role. She just passed through the motions. Arya looked menacing and gave good expressions. Mamata Mohan Das did her role well. Vishal and Arya performed high octane action scenes with ease and with good intensity. However their characters are not strongly and perfectly written.

Thambi Ramaiah as Vishal's father came with good expressions and emotions. He made good impact with his screen presence. Prakash Raj got a limited role and he as usual made his presence felt. Others performed accordingly. Over dose of sentiments dragged the film as they turned out to be routine.

Music of Thaman is just average. None of the songs are impressive. Sam CS however elevated few scenes with his background music. Rajasekhar's cinematography elevated the high octane scenes and captured the locations in Singapore in a perfect manner. Editing of Raymod Derrick Castra could have been better as there are many drags left in the story. Production values are good.




Few thrills


Story, Screenplay, Direction

Slow pace


Cliched narration

Rating Analysis

Anand Shankar is known for his thrillers and when he teamed with Vishal and Arya, expectations increased on Enemy. However Enemy failed to live up to all the hype generated as the narration turned out to be routine and missed many logics. With an uninteresting story, screenplay, and direction, Enemy ended up testing the patience of the viewers except for a few thrills here and there. Considering all these aspects, CJ goes with a 2 rating for Enemy.


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