Emaindi Ee Vela Movie Review

Emaindi Ee Vela Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Emaindi Ee Vela: Varun Sandesh stayed back in hit race from long time and he needs an urgent success while Nisha Agarwal looking pretty like her sister Kajal Agarwal is waiting for a decent debut. Sampat Nandi, the young man with bundles of talent looks confident. Let us know, was this movie successful for Varun in bringing his ‘Happy Days’ back?

In the Movie Emaindi Ee Vela: Seenu (Varun Sandesh) is eager to meet an important girl Nimisha (Nisha Shah), whom his parents have selected for the second marriage. Avantika (Nisha Agarwal) is also on the same path eager to meet Yuva (Shashank), whom her parents selected for the second marriage. Both Seenu and Avantika don’t want to hide their past and start narrating their flashback to their respective would be second life partners. Here comes the main story set up in Ameerpet centre.  

Seenu from Warangal and Avantika from Bapatla are graduates in engineering who land in Ameerpet for a Software job. Seenu stays with his friend Dot Com (Vennela Kishore) and Avantika stays in Anupama Ladies Hostel. After the very confused first meeting between the two, they fall in love and share the bed pulled by the force of teenage lust. Not to make any delay, Seenu and Avantika find jobs in Wipro and get married against the wishes of both the families. 

As lust starts to fade away spending day and night in the bed, quickly they realize that they aren’t right for each other as opinion and ideological differences pop up. Finally they get divorced and are ready for second marriage. 

Now, Nimisha accepts Seenu and Yuva accepts Avantika but still the true love hidden in separated couple Seenu and Avantika haunts them. What happened to the lives of these four forms the climax?

Values of the Movie Emaindi Ee Vela: Very few movies we have seen based on the story of teenage lust driven love versus adoption of the same boy and girl to marriage institution coming across the barriers of their ideological differences. Sampat Nandi has picked the right substance that connects well with young audience and responsible couples. More than a director, Sampat succeeded in penning superb dialogues that served to each and every situation. Although Screenplay was little shaggy and Direction missed the track, Sampat scored heavily in Dialogues department. Music by Chakri was below average and background score literally chewed away entire feel of the movie. Cinematography by Bujji was fine while Editing by Nani missed the mark in second half and few scenes in first half. Production values of Radha Mohan and Sri Sai Arts were low in standards.

On Performance front, Varun Sandesh was apt to the role. The way Telangana dialect was used for one liners mouthed by Varun connected well with audience. Varun almost balanced it to perfection the two shades in his character. Nisha Agarwal is not an amazing beauty as his sister. Although she looks better in few angles, director covered her flaws intelligently. Acting wise, Nisha needs lot of home work as she left the emotional graph of the movie to fall all of the sudden with her expressionless face. Shashank was okay while Nisha Shah has lot of oomph which is waiting to get tapped by some mass masala director. Vennela Kishore continued his natural flow of comic timing providing enough humor even in serious scenes. If Jhansi as aunt to Nisha played her role with responsibility, it was Pragathi as mother to Varun looked more professional and made the entire essence of movie filled into her dialogues. She was just brilliant and attracted applause from entire theatre. Remaining MS Narayana, Ashok Rao and others were routine while Madhu Sharma’s item song was a hot hot ‘Juice.’

Out of the Movie Emaindi Ee Vela: Irrespective of the result of this movie, Sampat Nandi gets his share of credit majorly in dialogues department and story selection. Although few of the scenes with Ameerpet background looked to be of overdose, movie picks up few minutes before the interval block. The sensuality with which Sampat worked on the intimate scenes on bed between Varun and Nisha will rate him as a director who can be looked upon in future. The feelings of teenagers living away from parents and the responsibilities which parents feel about their children are held in tact. 

Major drawback of the movie would be incompatible narration style in first and second half. If first half has enough fun and young generation connecting scenes; second half was very slow and audience get exhausted. Adding more to the distress is below the par performances of artists (except Pragathi) and killing background score along with low production costs. Lack of emotional depth, missing of right perception in key scenes has degraded the output. The conceptualization and visualization of point was brilliant but failed in execution.                        

Although Sampat Nandi tried his best to balance the show and influence the viewers with reality scenes and his Pen skill but missed by a small gap. Given the more budget and little more conscious effort from director, this one could have been a sure attention grabber, for now it is an average show.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Emaindo Ee Vela: Youthful entertainer with fresh feel of reality which still needed a better treatment.

                                                                                                                   Reviewed by Srivaas

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