Eega Movie Review

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Eega Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Eega: Sky high expectations set by Rajamouli and the excitement build among audience to watch this flick made ‘Eega’ a National wide sensation. Finally, movie has hit the screens today. Let us see whether Rajamouli lived up the hype or not?

In the Movie Eega: Sudeep (Sudeep) is a cruel, unethical businessman and also a womanizer. His eyes fall on Bindu (Samanta), a miniature artist cum social worker who runs an NGO for the education of deprived. Nani (Nani) lives exactly opposite to Bindu’s residence and is a silent lover. Though Bindu knows this, she keeps him guessing. Sudeep gets near to Bindu by donating for her NGO. When Sudeep gets aware of Nani entering into the life of Bindu, he is smoothly killed. Now, Nani takes re-birth as a ‘House Fly’ (Eega) and starts taking the revenge. In the process, Eega also conveys and also makes Bindu believe in the re-birth and now both of them together see the end of Sudeep.              

Values of the Movie Eega: The major reason why ‘Eega’ works high time is the kind of team effort put in by the crew. Entire casting has put up a spirited performance and technical team needs a special applause. Especially the VFX by Makuta are of very high standards. First of all, one man who ran the entire show from behind the screen that is Rajamouli needs a standing ovation. His scripting is typical with superb work on emotions excelling the final output. The mind blowing speed of narration has kept the audience glued to their seats. No where this pace falls down from the highest peaks and thanks to cinematography of Senthil whose visuals are equally arresting in conglomeration with Makuta effects. Giving such an authentic feel to a simple revenge drama with ‘House Fly’ running the proceedings isn’t going to be that easy. But, Rajamouli has yet again proved that he relies on pulse of common audience. Re-recording done by Keeravani is top notch and elevates the flavor of key scenes. Keeravani is really the best in contemporary re-recording and when it comes to teaming with Rajamouli, he breaches his own standards. Editing by Kotagiri is also crisp well maintaining the pace. Dialogues by Janaradhana Mahrshi are short and purpose serving. Production values of Varahi are admirable and they needs to be congratulated for the kind of a trend setting product delivered.

Performance wise Nani is seen in a very short role doing well with his simple mannerisms and natural style of acting. However, Rajamouli has adopted the same mannerisms to the body language of Eega giving the presence of Nani throughout. Samanta is simple and cute. She carried on the same sweet expressions what we have seen all the way from ‘YMC.’ Sudeep is real hero of the project if analyzed from screen presence point of view. His breathtaking voice is the biggest advantage to raise the levels of villainy. Next to speak about are Thaagubothu Ramesh, Noel, Aditya Menon etc have done their best. 

Out of the Movie Eega: The verdict is clear. Rajamouli has raised the standards of Telugu cinema to a new range by offering a visual feast mixed with lot of emotions. The way he conceived the pre-interval block and post interval revenge episodes are exhilarating. Perhaps, there are few drawbacks in etching the Tantrik episode and a slight drop in second half graph, movie again picks up before pre-climax. Live Animation team of Makuta has offered a visual feast and entire movie is a splash of grandeur. Cleverly Rajamouli has erased the character of Nani with in the first thirty minutes of first half giving him-self ample time to experiment with adventures of Eega. Half of first half is spared for simple romance and introducing the characters while rest of first half goes on to show the crucial three episodes in the revenge saga. Second half is totally filled with breathtaking action between Eega and Sudeep. 

Subject wise, movies of this kind look quite simple. When it comes to presenting the same on screen, the hardships to be faced by director and his team are quite clearly visible in ‘Eega.’ This is purely a technician’s film and no where we observe the shades of heroism or punch dialogues overtaking ‘Eega.’ Movie will come out with unique positive talk irrespective of the center or age group or genre. Commercially, ‘Eega’ will set new benchmarks in Indian Cinema to rewrite a history of its own. Once again, we take a bow before you ‘Jahapana’ (Rajamouli).

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Eega: ‘House Fly’ set to ‘Fly’ High with New Records.

                                                                                              Reviewed by Srivaas


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