Eedu Gold Ehe Review

Eedu Gold Ehe Review
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Eedu Gold Ehe Review, What’s Behind: Comedy hero Sunil passed through a small breakthrough with ‘Jakkanna’ is back this time in Veeru Potla direction. With Richa Panai, Sushma Raj as heroines, let us see how far this film turns gold at Box Office?

Eedu Gold Ehe Story: Mahadev (Puneet Issar) is a barbarous villain hiding all his treasure in golden Laughing Buddha idols sealed at an undisclosed location known only to him and his son Sahadev (Charan Deep). On the other side, Bangarraju (Sunil) is a simple, good human being lands in Hyderabad in search of job takes shelter at old woman (Jayasudha) and her son Srinivas (Arvind Krishna) house. Meanwhile, a robbery happens at Mahadev’s house and security camera footage shows Bangarraju as burglar. However, they have mistaken Mahadev as his look alike Sunil Verma aka SV who is on a sketch to loot all Laughing Buddha idols. Meanwhile, businessman Buchaiah Chowdary (Naresh), his daughter (Richa Panai) and Bangarraju’s lover (Sushma Raj) run on parallel lines in chase of SV. How Bangarraju fell into a deep trap? Who is actual SV? 

Eedu Gold Ehe Artists and Technicians: Veeru Potla is an efficient writer with commercial and intelligent tinge in scripting. ‘Ragada, Bindaas’ show the same. This time, Veeru came up with a story with multiple links, complex script populated on plenty of twists, thrills which unveil late in narrative. However, a potential script went totally wrong on execution side creating a mess in centre. A shallow script suddenly gains value during second half but immediately bogs down. Plenty of characters, none of them established properly, a disorderly arranged sub plots without any coherence and everything left on Sunil to set right the chaos. As a director, for the first time Veeru clearly struggled and so is the mediocre final output. Dialogues were more on rhyming and less on timing, content. Devraj’s camera work is outright atrocious. Missing of DI further damaged the product. Editing by Marthand K Venkatesh is far more inferior like Sagar Mahathi’s music on songs and BGM is direct drill in eardrums. Production standards from ATV are shameful and pathetically low.

Sunil does his best to shoulder a film dropped on all available standards. His energy is the only saving grace. May it be comedy timing or action or dances or sentimental emotion, Sunil showed his professionalism. Without Sunil, this is surely a damp squib. Sushma Raj and Richa Panai are meant only to expose the skin on songs and scenes. Puneet Issar got a bad choice announcing his comeback. Charan Deep is just bearable. Senior Naresh, Posani does their part. Arvind Krishna sparks in climax. Shakalaka Shankar, Vennela Kishore, Prudhvi have got trademark Veeru Potla comic treatment. Jayasudha added a sentimental value. Rest made their presence.      



15 Minutes before Pre Climax

Comedy in Parts

Heroines Glamour Show




Production Standards




Eedu Gold Ehe Rating Analysis: This film is a special case on how a talented Veeru Potla surprisingly stooped low on quality standards. Except for few minutes in second half just before pre climax, nowhere the movie had its soul in place. These are the only episodes to hold Veeru stamp. In a tussle to cater comic entertainer of Sunil mark with action, mother sentiment, thrill value and glamour masala; director lost his focus for major portion of the film. By the time he re-arranged the vagueness in storytelling by binding characters together to a common thread, it was too late.

First half opens organizing key characters starting from Puneet Issar, Charan Deep. Entry of Sunil is dry as Thar Desert. Romantic track initiated between Sunil, Sushma Raj is brainless. Bringing Sunil Varma character is a buffoon play lacking in impulse. Naresh, Richa Pani adds more to our woes. In between are Sagar Mahathi songs increasing agony. Amidst such weak execution, a senior like Jayasudha also failed to make a presence. All this madness leads to a so-so interval block creating curiosity on Sunil Varma.

Second half is a far better show. All the lose threads suddenly get their respective ties. Sunil begins to exhibit heroism. Laugh out louder moments on Vennela Kishore, Prudhvi and Shakalaka Shankar served relief. Farm house episode is damn entertaining. With twists, turns unfolding one after the other, we move to a conventional climax.

‘Eedu Gold Ehe’ is a film stood out and out alone on Sunil presence. Major screen time runs on crappy elements as Veeru Potla showed his wits very late. With interesting storyline and intriguing lock inherently placed, Veeru should re-analyze on what went wrong from his side. CJ goes for 2.25 stars rating for fewer noisy comedy bits. Commercially, it’s a gold or iron… next three days will decide.

Eedu Gold Ehe Cinejosh Verdict: Idi Gilt Ehe…

                                                  Eedu Gold Ehe Cinejosh Rating: 2.25/5.0

                                                                                            Reviewed by Srivaas

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