Edo Rakam Ado Rakam Review

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Edo Rakam Ado Rakam Review
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Edo Rakam Ado Rakam, What’s Behind: Young hero Raj Tharun’s teaming with Manchu Vishnu and that too for a remake film lifted from Punjabi sounds quite unconventional. Directed by Nageshwar Reddy with Sonarika, Hebbah Patel as heroines, let us see what is this Rakam all about?

Edo Rakam Ado Rakam Story: Arjun (Manchu Vishnu), son of a popular pleader (Rajendra Prasad) and Ashwin (Raj Tharun), son of SI (Posani) are hopelessly good friends. Their day to day routine is just flirting the girls. Such useless guys fall in love with Neelaveni (Sonarika) and Supriya (Hebbah Patel) respectively. In an inevitable situation, Arjun marries Neelaveni calling himself as an orphan to impress Neelaveni’s goon brother (Abhimanyu Singh). On the other side, Ashwin also marries Supriya to escape from her rowdy brother (Supreet). When both couples come under the same roof of Arjun’s father, the real confusion begins. Why and what is this confusion? 

Edo Rakam Ado Rakam Artists and Technicians: Although unaware of what the original Punjabi film is, this Telugu version scripted by G Nageshwar Reddy is absolutely 1980 and 90s stuff. Story is a familiar plot just meant to create confusion drama and there by comedy. Right from introduction of characters to pulling them all under one hut, Nageshwar Reddy took enormous freedom without building an emotional platform. Romantic episodes between lead pairs are dilapidated and episodes leading to their marriage are mean-spirited. Exploiting the situational comedy in parts, Nageshwar Reddy’s direction also became murky with some adult jokes. If the whole purpose of creating this plot is just to entertain us, then Nageshwar Reddy has clearly struggled. Diamond Ratna Babu’s writing supplemented the instances as there are worth to laugh dialogues here and there. Siddharth’s camera work is cheap and of lowest order quality. This shows the pathetic production quality maintained by a top producer like Anil Sunkara. Editing by MR Varma was racy in second half and he does a decent job. Sai Kartheek scored couple of fast beat songs while re-recording is frail. Production standards from AK Entertainments are decrepit.

On to performances, Manchu Vishnu strived to get his comic timing right. Relative to this spineless characterization, Vishnu already proved his skills far better in movies like ‘Dhee, Denikaina Ready’ etc. So, this film may not help his career in any way. Raj Tharun is forcibly repressing his own standards with this sort of wrong project selection. This film neither provided a scope to excel in best of his abilities nor will remain in his hit films list. After ‘Seethamma Andalu Ramayya Sitralu,’ this is out and down choice from a talented youngster. Sonarika Bhadoria is hefty and occasionally showed the skin. Hebbah Patel is atrophy. Despite the presence of senior most talented artists Rajendra Prasaed, Posani and Ravi Babu, the fun quotient never ripened. Thanks to RP’s magnanimous screen presence, he alone shouldered the whole second half. Sathya Krishna, Geetha Singh, Abhimanyu Singh, Supreet, Hema, Prabhas Srinu, Fish Venkat and others were just ok.

Edo Rakam Ado Rakam Rating Analysis: If Telugu cinema comedy is confined or defined within the ambit of confusion arriving situations, then this is a rotten and outdated work. As if Telugu writers aren’t useful in this context, producers are importing the material from far and long Punjab film industry. That’s the pitiful state of our industry. If screenplay and story are so impressive and gripping then every error is nullified. Nageshwar Reddy failed right from the take off. By the time of interval block, something looked propitious but the track on Rajendra Prasad, Sonarika and Ravi Babu is so deplorable forgetting the family relations. 

Into second half, director went at his out of bounds freedom to fabricate situations only to generate loud comedy which made irremediable damage. Of course, screen was fully loaded with popular artists and good comedians but nowhere the fun was healthy and appreciable. Towards the climax, twists are unveiled with grieve chasing episode and unnecessary action scene. 

All in all, ERAR isn’t a productive effort from entire cast, crew. It reminds us of Rohit Shetty, Priyadarshan, EVV, Vytla kind of confusion comedy-drama films. A little more sincerity and seriousness from team could have made ERAR a better product. CJ rates ERAR with 2 stars for bits and pieces of entertainment. Commercially, how B and C order centers accept this comedy would determine the overall verdict.

Edo Rakam Ado Rakam Cinejosh Verdict: Outdated Rakam!

                                                        Edo Rakam Ado Rakam Cinejosh Rating: 2.0/5.0

                                                                                                              Reviewed by Srivaas

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