Dynamite Review

Dynamite Review
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Director: Deva Katta
Producer: Manchu Vishnu
Release Date: Fri 04th Sep 2015
Actors: Manchu Vishnu, Pranitha Subhash, J. D. Chakravarthy
Dynamite Movie Rating: 2.75 / 5
Punchline: Dynamite - A Moderate Blasting Dynamite

Dynamite Review, What’s Behind: Manchu Vishnu is a multi talented personality putting up great show as hero, writer and also as producer. He picked up a Tamil hit film ‘Arima Nambi’ for Telugu remake with Deva Katta as director starring Pranitha, JD Chakravarthy in main leads. Let us get into Dynamite review to know how loud is this detonation?

Dynamite Story: There is nothing of a sensational beginning. A digital marketing self employed Sivaji (Manchu Vishnu) and college student Anamika (Pranitha) get romantic in their first date which turns into a nightmare. Anamika, daughter of rich businessman cum Channel 24 CEO (Paruchuri Venkateshwara Rao) is kidnapped from her apartment when Sivaji is at the same location. Police begin to interrogate the case with inputs from Sivaji but find absolutely no evidence of abduction. Things get worse when Sivaji resolves a mystery connection of Anamika, her father with a video footage saved in SD card related to Central Minister, the Prime Ministerial candidate Rishi Dev (JD Chakravarthy) from New Delhi. How Sivaji keeps up a brave fight against Rishi Dev? How did he rescue Anamika? 

Dynamite Artists and Technicians: Action thrillers aren’t new to Telugu audience. Chances of films in this genre to succeed at Box Office are quite high only when a gripping screenplay and nerve breaking tense moments are captured by director with strong hold. Least to say, artists in these kinds of movies may not need great performances because a strong director with reasonable sensibility and minimum of logical application can save the day. Deva Katta’s work is half done with script of Tamil version readily available. All he has to do was, execute the same corresponding to Telugu nativity. Unfortunately, Deva Katta could not preserve the original steam with only very few episodes found gripping. Narration lacked in basic intent and everything goes on vague terms without registering a point with patrons. The underlying back story or motive of villain in getting rid of protagonists left a feeble impact. Except the hard work in few of action blocks, Deva Katta’s visualization isn’t worth appreciative. The twists and turns or so called thrills to rivet the story together found no intelligent adaption. 

Writing by BVS Ravi is so paltry. Satish Muthyala’s camera work is pretty average. Plenty of action chases shot by Satish looked perfect. Editing by SR Sekhar is quick and off the wall. Slow take-off might have to get the blame from editing department. Achu’s music for songs is below average while Chinna’s background score added a mild tension dose. Vijayan Master’s stunt compositions stood as the only top quality material with Vishnu taking every risk. 24 Frames production values show a judicious spending. 

Manchu Vishnu is tough and brawny with a well chiseled robust body. His big physical appearance resembled that of wrestling super stars. Up to action scenes, Vishnu did a commendable job with a well grown stylish beard. Pranitha is just ok in an ill-defined characterization. She remained neutral for all the emotions restricted to dancing in songs. JD Chakravarthy failed to add substantial weight for his role. Being a Central Minister, he behaves irrational with fallacious in key scenes. Among the rest Paruchuri, Praveen, Yog Japee as Police Officer, Lekha Washington as heroine Neha Sharma, Nagineedu, Raja Ravindra etc are for name sake.                               

Dynamite Rating Analysis: With all the skillfulness imbibed into plot, ‘Arima Nambi’ was reviewed and reported as engaging action-thriller. In many areas, Telugu version has gone wrong with insensible dealing. Thrillers are generally driven by something vindictive and far reaching implications from common audience thinking process. Even after taking a big cinematic liberty of keeping entire India at one hour Internet shutdown, Deva Katta did not forge a thrill with deadly missing logics. 

Usage of police forces or JD’s confession in climax or pre climax Neha Sharma episode etc made second half very less riveting. Every the moves in game of wits between Vishnu and JD are clichéd. 

The necessity in revealing JD’s characterization drive during the very interval block is a foul play from Deva Katta because scanty content with sporadic pinching elements in second half made film a total miss. In that perspective, first half too has nothing great to mention. 

Romantic track is plain vanilla to be followed by couple of chasings, introducing new negative characters and the traditional build ups blah also ended first half on half satisfactory note. When Deva Katta rejected the addition of unlikely comedy into story to make narration solidly tense and fool proof, at the same time one fails to understand the purpose of adding commerciality into narration by wrongly placed songs. 

That’s the confusing stand with weakly manipulated thrills and ridiculous cinematic liberties missing in minimal common sense logics force us to rate ‘Dynamite’ with 2.75 stars.

‘Dynamite’ is clearly a product not up to the standards of Deva Katta, Vishnu and the spirit of ‘Arima Nambi.’ Although openings might be promising, we need to wait and see… how good it can stick for at least couple of weeks.

Dynamite Cinejosh Verdict: A Moderate Blasting Dynamite.  

                                            Dynamite Rating by Cinejosh: 2.75/5.0  

                                                            Reviewed by Srivaas 

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