Drushyam 2 Review

Drushyam 2 Review
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Director: Jeethu Joseph
Producer: D.Suresh Babu, Anthony Perumbavoor, Rajkumar Sethu
Release Date: Thu 25th Nov 2021
Actors: Venkatesh
Drushyam 2 Rating: 2.75 / 5
Drushyam 2 Punchline: Thrills but misses the wow factor of Drushyam

What's Behind

Venkatesh's Drushyam 2 directed by Jeethu Joseph is streaming on Amazon Prime Video on November 25. The film is a remake of the Malayalam hit Drushyam 2. Expectations are high as Venkatesh scored a hit with Drushyam and the film is directed by Jeethu Joseph who directed the original. Let us see how Drushyam 2 thrilled movie lovers.

Story Review

Rambabu (Venkatesh), a cable TV operator after saving his wife Jyothi (Meena) and children Anju (Kruthika Jayakumar) and Anu (Ester Anil) from a danger six years back, now owns his own theatre named after his wife in Rajavaram. He aspires to produce a film and constantly meets a top writer Vinay Chandra (Tanikella Bharani). But much to the shock of all, the past danger comes haunting him back when the police reopen the case and start their investigation. When they are on the verge of cracking the case, they get a huge shock. To find out the twists and turns and how Inspector General Gowtham Sahu (Sampath Raj), retired IG Geeta (Nadiya), her husband Prabhakar (Naresh), advocate (Poorna) are connected to it, watch Drushyam 2.

Artists, Technicians Review

Jeethu Joseph who directed the original directed the remake. He remained faithful to the original and the remake is mostly a scene-to-scene replica. However, the mannerisms of Venkatesh are highlighted to some extent. The narration starts in a slow manner establishing the characters in a perfect manner without any confusion before the actual twists and turns unfold. Jeethu Joseph's screenplay and direction are good. However, the slow pace of the narration gives a feeling as though one is watching a TV serial. Whenever the twists and turns come interest increases or else it turns out to be an ordinary affair. The investigation of the cops is shown in an interesting manner but at times it is dramatized. the interval block in the first half and the climax in the second half increases curiosity.  Dialogues are good but could have been powerful.

Anup Rubens's music failed to make much impact. The songs are situational and slow-paced. He elevated a few scenes with his background music but his BGM could have been better. Marthand K Venkatesh's editing is ok. The narration is slow and he could have done away with the few drags especially in the first half.

Venkatesh slipped into the role of tailormade for him. He performed in a natural and realistic manner. He came with good expressions and showcased different emotions according to the scenes. He came with his own unique mannerisms to liven the atmosphere with his trademark dialogues. Meena performed well supporting Venkatesh quite well. She elevated the worries and fears as the mother of two kids who underwent a shocking incident in her life. Kruthika Jayakumar did well as a young girl haunted by the past and trying to overcome the fear and agony. Ester Anil did her role well.

Nadiya as the mother who finds her son missing and unaware of what happened to her emoted in her role quite well. Naresh supported her quite well. Sampath Raj elevated the scenes with his presence in the role perfectly suited for him. Vinay Varma as the cop did well and Shafi along with Satyam Rajesh played important roles. Poorna sizzled in a cameo in the climax along with Tanikella Bharani while Annapurna, Naidu Gopi, Chammak Chandra, Thagubotu Ramesh performed well.




Few Twists


Slow pace



Rating Analysis

When Venkatesh decided to star in Drushyam 2 remake, many wondered whether people will watch as they have already seen the original featuring Mohan Lal. However, Venkatesh's Drushyam 2 generated immense interest ahead of its release. Venkatesh as usual left his mark with his performance in the film. The twists and turns in the remake stay true to the original and with Jeethu Joseph helming the remake also, he did full justice. Those who haven't seen the original Drushyam 2, will love the film. One gets a feeling that Jeethu Joseph could have done away with the drags and slow pace in the film while remaking the film. But it seems he doesn't want to tamper the film's narration in any manner as he got rave reviews. For all the pluses, Drushyam2 however misses the wow factor that was there in Drushyam. Considering all these points, CJ goes with a 2.75 rating for Drushyam 2.


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