Dr Saleem Review

Dr Saleem Review
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Behind the Movie Dr Saleem: Vijay Antony is familiar to Telugu audience as music director. He is also to entertain us as a hero with this Tamil to Telugu dubbing film offered by producer Suresh Kondeti. Let us see, what is this Doctor all about?

In the Movie Dr Saleem: Story begins with introduction of a philanthropic Dr Saleem, MD (Vijay Antony) serving the patients in a Corporate hospital not for money. He is simple, straight forward and work minded. Saleem gets engaged with freaky girl Nisha (Aksha Pardasani). However, the girl dislikes Saleem’s reserved character and decides to break the engagement. Meanwhile, Saleem comes across a rape victim joined in hospital. Sufferings of this victim’s family under political influence triggers anger in Saleem to rebel against the criminals breaking all the rules. Saleem takes hostage of four criminals involved in the ghastly rape and one of them happens to be Home Minster’s son. What happened later on? Did Saleem succeed in bringing the real truths behind the rape in front of media and people?

Values & Out of the Movie Dr Saleem: Selflessness, honesty and humanitarianism are unaccountable in present day society. The corrupt and criminal minded society demands people of same nature. Saleem sets the plot exactly on this premise. The story discusses on how a righteous doctor who lost professional and personal satisfaction in life expressed his anger in terms of violence. 

NV Nirmal Kumar’s idea of interpreting money and criminal mindset of today’s people around is an easy-connect with common audience. Also the backdrop of corporate hospital culture is well suited. However, it’s the screenplay driving Saleem from a plain human being to dangerous criminal isn’t worth believing. Episodes revolving around this phase of transition during the interval needed lot more conviction. As a director, Nirmal Kumar also succeeded in maintaining good tempo for second half. The thrills in hotel room hostage and negotiations there-of are properly dealt. 

Dialogues by Sahithi served the premise. Ganesh Chandra camera work is also decent enough. Rajesh Kumar editing looked discordant at places. May be, Tamil to Telugu version has undergone some undue cuts. Still, it’s manageable. Vijay Antony’s musical score is good for two songs (item song is also not too bad) while BGM made an integral part of narration lifted the overall spirit. Production values of Suresh Kondeti are also praiseworthy, despite the film is wrapped in a shoestring budget.  

About performances, Vijay Antony was behaving with restraint as he was settled, calm and composed throughout in his role. The contrasting features needed to differentiate between two characterizations of Saleem aren’t tangible. Aksha played the selfish negative role aptly. Among the rest of casting, the villain artist who has done Home Minister and batch of rapists fit in well. 

All in all, Saleem has a social issue of rape discussed in brief and justice done. An entertaining first half joined with an intriguing second half makes it a complete watch. When there are numerous stories weaved around the plot of rape (like ‘Temper, Patas’ etc), the way hostage drama used to resolve the whole political connection can click with the pulse of audience. Saleem is a neat film and worth watching one time.

When there is a big bag of seven movies having hit screens today, let us see how far common audience can throw an eye on this dubbing film. 

Cinejosh Verdict of Dr Saleem: Decent Film with Strong Message.

                                                                Cinejosh Rating: 3/5

                                                                       Reviewed by Srivaas

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