Dongalunnaaru Jagratta Review

Dongalunnaaru Jagratta Review
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Director: Satish Tripura
Producer: D.Suresh Babu,Sunita Tati
Release Date: Fri 23rd Sep 2022
Actors: Sri Simha Koduri, Preeti Asrani
Dongalunnaaru Jagratta Movie Rating: 1 / 5
Punchline: Dongalunnaaru Jagratta - Unexciting survival drama.

What's Behind

Sri Simha Koduri is known for his different roles and his upcoming entertainer Dongalunnaru Jagratta is attracting the attention of all. The film is releasing today and let us see the impact made on movie lovers.

Story Review

Dongalunnaru Jagratta is a story of a small time thief and what happens when he gets locked in a car. A small-time thief Raju (Sri Simha Koduri) makes his living by stealing valuables from cars. One fine day, when he was about to steal the valuable items in a car, he gets a shock of his life. To find out more about the shock Raju got and the reason behind it, how Neeraja (Preeti Asrani), Dr Chakravarthy (Samuthirakhani), police commissioner (Srikanth Iyengar) are connected to it, watch Dongalunnaru Jagratta on the screen.

Artists,Technicians Review

Dongalunnaaru Jagratta story is inspired by a foreign film 4x4. Satish Tripura drew inspiration and tried to surprise Telugu movie lovers with the survival thriller. Though the idea is right and he started the narration in the right earners and in an interesting manner, after a point of time, it turns predictable. After a slow start, the story takes an interesting turn and from then on it gets little bit engaging. But the interval block looks out of sync and second half slows down before few twists are revealed. From then on it turns predictable and uni dimensional.

Sri Simha Koduri tried his best to take the film to another level with his performance. As the entire film revolves on his role, he came up with sincere performance. He should be complimented for choosing different roles in his short career in the industry. Samuthirakhani played an important role and he makes an impact. Preeti Asrani got limited screen presence and she emoted well to attract the attention of the viewers. Srikant Iyengar got a short role and others performed according to their roles.

Kaala Bhairava attracted with his background music. Yeshwanth Krishna's cinematography is good. He has made his presence felt for most of the part doing a decent job. Editing of BH.Garry could have been far better. There are many instances where the pace went down impacting the film. Dialogues failed to make an impact and this inturn brought down the emotions. Production values are just average.


  • Basic theme
  • Sri Simha Koduri to some extent


  • Screenplay
  • Lack of thrills
  • Initial elements
  • Lack of emotions
  • Illogical scenes

Rating Analysis

Altogether, Dongalunnaru Jagratta Surival thrillers are new to Tollywood and if narrated in a proper manner,one can hit a bulls eye. Sri Simha Koduri and Satish Tripura dared to be different and dreamed of doing it. However they failed completely in their execution and turned the freemake of Hollywood thriller 4x4 insipid, unexciting and devoid of any thrills. Though the concept is interesting, Pradeep Varma failed with his screenplay and execution. Altogether Dongalunnaru Jagratta scares away viewers. Considering all these elements, Cinejosh goes with a  1 rating for the film.

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