Dongaata Review

Dongaata Review
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Behind the Movie Dongaata: Lakshmi Manchu is the person who have taken a bit of expectations on this film in audience. It's the fifth film in her production after four back to back commercial failures. So, Lakshmi Manchu tried her level best in promoting the film to have grand openings. Lets see how far Lakshmi's fifth attempt as a producer worked?

In the Movie Dongaata: Story starts with the disussion of Katam Raju (Prabhaker) with Venkat (Adavi Sesh) and Vijju (Madhu Nandan) who are strangers to Katam Raju. But on their very first meet at the cafe, they go on detailed description of the plan to kidnap popular cinema star Sruthi (Lakshmi Manchu). Nothing goes wrong in the execution of their plan and they hide Sruthi in Detective Bramhi's (Brahmanandam) flat when he was on America tour. Getting shocked with the threatening phone call from kidnaper Jyothi Lakshmi (Pragathi) approaches ACP Kanakambaram seeking help in relieving Sruthi from the kidnapers and to arrest culprits. But she manages to do this investigation in private hinding the truth from public. Why she did so? In this planed kidnap who is benifited and who has been cheated is the remaining tale to watch on screen. 

Values Of the Movie Dongaata: Lakshmi Manchu dared to produce a film out of formula with a debut director. She might have confidence on her judgement of the story, and even the story has a good and fresh content which has given the scope to the actors to perform maximum emotions with the kidnap drama. Spontaneous dialogues written by Sai Madhav Burra with specific inner meanings have reached to audience that enhanced the situational comedy of the film. Pruthvi, Brahmanandam, Pragathi have delivered the timing dialogues with their perfect modulations and contributed their best to elevate the entertainment track. Back Ground Score composed by Sai Kartheek is really appreciable. He has taken the responsibility to convey the essence of the scene where the artists failed to do it with their performances. Editing of S.R.Shekar would have been much sharper and could trim few more scenes that are unnecessary in the first half of the film. The way director has run the story in the second half with the series of twists in every regular interval of the screen play is good and helped to alter the second half from the first half. Introduction scenes and an action sequence of Manchu Lakshmi composed by Venkat is amazing and the temporary twist of the tale which ends first half is quiet appreciable. The special song which has 9 celebrities in guest appearance is the outstanding element of the film.  

Out Of the Movie Dongaata: Only story is not all alone enough to entertain the audience for more than 2 hours. Director N.Vamsi Krishna failed to execute his script in promising way. Director has initially failed at casting the artists to his script. One can feel the lack of experience of director on screen. He is totally failed in monitering the work of various crafts which spoiled the output of the film. Manchu Lakshmi's performance in the emotional scenes is really a feast for the critics. Dubbing of Manchu Lakshmi is the worst of all the dubbings and its the own voice of Lakshmi. Adavi Sesh despite of having a lot to perform in his role, have done nothing much to talk about in detail. The first half of the movie is in a slow narration that bored patrons. Production values are not up to the expected mark. The film has nothing in it to entertain B, C centres audience. Comedian Prabhas Sreenu is not used in perfect way. Its a different genre film and is a bad film made with a good story.

Cinejosh Verdict Of Dongaata: A film purely targeted the patrons of A centres.

                                                               Cinejosh Rating: 2.75/5

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