Don Seenu Movie Review

Don Seenu Movie Review
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Director: Gopichand Malineni
Producer: Venkat
Release Date: Fri 06th Aug 2010
Actors: Ravi teja
Don Seenu Movie Rating: 3 / 5
Punchline: Don Seenu - Mass Rajas Mast Masala Entertainer.

Behind the Movie Don Seenu: Raviteja’s natural kick was missing in all his relases following ‘Kick.’  With young and talented Gopichand Malineni holding the meagfone for the first time, sexy Shriya making a comeback with fresher Anjana Sukhani into Tollywood and Mani Sharma getting into his flow once again; arrival of ‘Don Seenu’ is regarded as a celebration for masses who always look eagerly for gun shot entertainers from Raviteja. Let us see, was this ‘Don Seenu’ really that powerful to rule the hearts of audience?

In the Movie Don Seenu: Seenu hails from poor family in a village who dreams of becoming a Don from his childhood. To achieve his dream, Seenu escapes from village leaving his family and grows up by renaming himself as Don Seenu (Raviteja).

Don Seenu now enters Hyderabad to join any of the Don gangs and reside with his childhood friends. Machiraju (Sayaji Shinde) and Narsing (Sreehari) are heads of two rival Don groups in the city who work under International Don Mukesh Duggal (Mahesh Manjrekar) operating from Dubai. Machiraju’s sister Deepu (Shriya) and Narsing’s sister Priya (Anjana Sukhani) are best friends living together in Germany pursuing their education.

Don Seenu, in order to get into the recognition of either of the Dons beats up Duggal’s brother in Hyderabad and immediately gets a call from Machiraju who cleverly allots Don Seenu a job of trapping Priya (Narsing’s sister) into his love, there by making his line clear for matrimonial alliance with Duggal family by offering his sister Deepu’s hand.

Don Seenu and his friend Ramu (Ali) now travel to Germany and start their trials. But, here comes the twist as Don Seenu is wrongly informed about Priya and he pulls Deepu into his love track instead of Priya. As soon as the task is accomplished, Don Seenu lands in India along with Priya and Deepu. Here starts the new problem for Don Seenu, when he becomes aware about Deepu. On the other side, Narsing is happy for Machiraju falling into his own trap.

To save himself from Machiraju, Don Seenu now pulls even Priya into his love and starts a new game to spoil the dreams of Machiraju and Narsing before they get into a relation with Duggal. To clear off all this puzzle, Duggal sends his Secreatry Vishwas (Brahmanandam) who creates further more confusions.

Finally when Priya and Deepu come together to question Don Seenu about his love, here comes the major, final twist in the form of Don Seenu’s sister (Kasturi). Small flash back where in it will be revealed that Narsing is the husband of Don Seenu’s sister Kasturi who leaves his wife for politics played by his friend turned foe Machiraju. It’s the time when good and bad gets seperated and Duggal enters the scene to lead the movie to climax. How did Machiraju and Narsing realise their mistake? Whom did Don Seenu really love? What happened to Duggal? form rest of the story.

Values of the Movie Don Seenu: Story in itself is massive and lengthy one tough to put it on paper. With too many twists and turns mixed with right doses of comedy; newcomer Gopichand has brought out a readymade entertainer for all the sections. Script was written so tight with an intention not to confuse and bore the audience at any point of time. Kona Venkat and Gopichand have come out with shining colors. Mani Sharma’s music is one of the best in recent times. With catchy tunes and marvelous background score, he elevated the substance in Gopichand. Camerawork by Sameer Reddy made the movie look bright. Special interest shown in using Shriya and Anjana  reaped benefits for Sameer Reddy.  Editing by Gowtham Raju was superb as the the tight grip and momentum in the story was held in tact. Production values by RR Movie Makers were top notch.

Performance wise Raviteja was again at his best pouring Joules of energy into each and every frame. Never was a drop in his energy and performance. Natural mannerisms from Raviteja once again made audience to go loud in whistles. Amitabh Bachchan’s dialogues gave extra charm to his role. Shriya is gorgeous again proving his bang re-entry. With occassional and sensuous skin show in trendy costumes, Shriya is sure to once again pain the young hearts. Anjana Sukhani is not a natural beauty but oomph wise she is too hot to handle (Where is the handle?). Sreehari and Sayaji Shinde shared equal portions on screen and they were again at their best. Sreehari used too many typical Hyderabadi and Telangana words which is good work. Brahmi’s role as Vishwas was hillarious as theatres are going topless. Mahesh Manjrekar has got only a small portion that becomes important during the climax and he was stylish. Ali as Ramu and Venu Madhav as Madhu Pitre shared major part of comedy in first half and undoubtedly this is their best in recent times. Kasturi, Surekha Vani, Sudha, Raghu Babu, Brahmaji, Kasi Vishwanath were routine.

Out of the Movie Don Seenu:
First fellows who get major portion of credit with this movie are Kona Venkat for his mass appealing dialogues and Gopichand for his rope tight screenplay and effective narration mixed with touch of humor in each and every scene…ofcourse well accomplished by Raviteja. Especially the track between Raviteja and Brahmanandam, Ali and Venu Madhav are to pain your funny bone. Shriya and Anjana Sukhani’s glamor mixed skin show with oomph filled on the screen will entertain B & C centres thoroughly. Choreography in Raja Raja and Title song was amazing. The way Raviteja enacted Big B needs a round of applause.

Entire first half was a laughing riot with little movement in the story. Interval bang was impressive and second half, it was a tough job for Gopichand to maintain the logic and fun together without missing the story track. Even though, drama in second half goes on expected lines but Brahmi’s entrance has again raised the movie into top gear. Addition of family sentiment to push movie towards climax is well conceived without breaking the fun element in story and that was fastly closed.

Raviteja’s energy, Gopciahnd’s twisting style of narration, Shriya & Anjana’s oomph quotient, Mani Sharma’s background score, Venu Madhav, Ali & Brahmi’s too much comedy, rich production values are huge plus points while too many cinematic liberties, extensive usage of wires in stunts, missing of elements for Class audience may serve minute negatives.

For all those who expected 'Don Seenu' as a plot of Underworld Mafia, let me clear...this is a pure mass flick with loads of comedy and no connection to Don stories from any perspective.

Undoutedly ‘Don Seenu’ will have a good run at BO, especially B & C centres audience will embrace the movie readily and this is a ‘Kicking’ experience for Raviteja Fans after ‘Kick.’        

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Don Seenu: Mass Raja’s Mast Masala Entertainer.

                                                                                                            Reviewed by Srivaas

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