Disco Raja Review

Disco Raja Review
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Director: VI Anand
Producer: Ram Talluri
Release Date: Fri 24th Jan 2020
Actors: Ravi Teja
Disco Raja Rating: 2.25 / 5
Disco Raja Punchline: Very Routine Raja!

Disco Raja Review, What’s Behind?

Despite flop streak, Ravi Teja comes up with an experimental flick Disco Raja helmed by VI Anand who is known for making intriguing thrillers. Nonetheless, the director’s last film Okka Kshanam was a flop. Will Disco Raja provide the break for the hero and director duo?

Disco Raja Story Review:

In an attack in Ladakh, an anonymous person (Ravi Teja) is brutally killed. A scientist and his assistants bring back this man to life using stem cell technology, but fail to restore his memory. When the subject, as referred by the doctors, comes to know that, he was brutally murdered and is willing to know the person and the story behind this; two different batches are in search of him. He is Vasu to a batch of orphans and is Disco Raja for mafia batch led by Sethu (Bobby Simha). Who is he actually? What’s his story?

Disco Raja Artists, Technicians Review:

Known for making experimental and sci-fi films, VI Anand gives less scope for subject and treatment this time, while handling a mass hero for Disco Raja as to make it as a commercial entertainer. The story and screenplay lacked freshness. The sci-fi element is also short of titillating factor. Though writer in VI Anand botched completely, the director in him tried hard to cover up the errors in writing part, but to vain. There were elements to cheer up, but, in insufficient quantity. Dialogues by Abburi Ravi were witty at times.

Karthik Ghattamaneni’s camera work stands out. Visuals look lavish and the 80’s ambience is perfectly crafted. S Thaman has given some catchy tunes and his background score is very apt. Shravan Katikaneni’s editing work is mediocre. Production values of SRT Entertainments are above in standard.

Onto artists, Ravi Teja shines in the role with multi-shades. His body-language, attitude and mannerisms are mass-appealing. He’s impeccable in flashback episodes as Disco Raja. Ravi Teja is equally good in fights and dances. Bobby Simha is a performer, but he wasn’t given enough scope. Looked odd, Sunil is not the right choice for the role he’s given. Vennela Kishore entertains another time with his spotless comedy timing. Satya also gives comic relief in second half. Shishir Sharma is standard as senior scientist. All the hype around Naresh’s character is killed with simple ending. Payal Rajput is cool in flashback episodes. The other heroines Nabha Natesh and Tanya Hope didn’t get much to perform. Senior actor Ramki is also wasted.

Disco Raja Review Advantages:

Ravi Teja



Disco Raja Review Drawbacks:

Regular Revenge Story

Lack Of Freshness In Screenplay

Extended Climax


Disco Raja Review, Rating Analysis:

Few twists in the story are not enough to engage audience. It requires many other elements. VI Anand developed the story based on few twists and disappoints with his half-baked writing. While the first half didn’t half any strong content, the second half, especially the last twist has the shades of Sharwanand’s Ranarangam. It’s a regular film about gang wars and revenge.

The opening with an action block at Ladakh is bang on followed by intriguing medical experiment on Ravi Teja who was murdered in the attack. Platform is set superbly and guessing game starts on the killer of the protagonist and the backstory. Ravi Teja, Vennela Kishore and Tanya hope combo scenes give some relief here and there. But, all the excitement is wiped out in no time with dragged narration and forcibly included scenes. Bobby Simha’s introduction and his villainy acts in first half were a routine stuff. The interval episode is also not bang on.

Second half is back and forth between present and flashback. It is divided as parts to narrate episodes of Bobby Simha, love story of Ravi Teja with Payal Rajput etc. Ravi Teja and Bobby Simha conflict is routine so is the romantic track. The pre-climax twist also lacked the impact, one would expect. The climax portions further test patience with over the board scenes.

All in all, Disco Raja disappoints big time with routineness in narration. Ravi Teja’s one man show, S Thaman’s music, few twists and stylish making are the only saving grace of the film. VI Anand fails to live up to the all the hype surrounding the project. Other than the twists, he should have focused on story as well. CJ goes with 2.25 stars and it has to be seen how the film fares at the box office because it has some elements for Ravi Teja fans.


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