Dhimahi movie Review

Dhimahi movie Review
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Director: Saahas Pagadala
Producer: Saahas Pagadala
Release Date: Fri 27th Oct 2023
Actors: Saahas Pagadala, Nikhita Chopra, Ashika Pagadala, Virat Kapoor, Sreejith, Gangadharan, Soujanya Kasina,Vamsi Davuluri, Ritu Chinna etc
Dhimahi Movie Rating: 2.25 / 5
Punchline: Dhimahi - Soulful Soliloquy

Dhimahi (2023) Movie: What's Behind

Saahaas Pagadala's project Dhimahi has been attracting the attention of all with the interesting and intriguing teaser and trailer.

The film hit the screens on 27 October 2023. Dhimahi's intriguing exploration of the intersection between medical science and supernatural powers has truly captured the imagination of all who have experienced it. The discussions surrounding necromancy, as well as the inclusion of a mythological twist featuring references to Indian and Greek kings, have added a captivating and thought-provoking layer to the narrative.Let's delve into how Dhimahi has captivated and entertained movie enthusiasts.

Dhimahi (2023) Telugu Movie: Story  Review

Dhimahi delves into the gripping story of a determined family who spare no effort to locate a missing girl and the trials they face in their quest. Dr. Karthik (Saahas Pagadala) grapples with the heart-wrenching trauma of his niece Mahi's disappearance, and he embarks on a relentless mission to uncover the truth behind her vanishing.

As the narrative unfolds, it reveals the intricate web of connections among the characters and the shocking elements that lie in their path. Karthik's fiancee, Nidhi (Nikhita Chopra), his sister Mythri (Soujanya Kasina), brother-in-law Dr. Jayadev (Sreejith Gangadharan), Anand (Vamsi Davuluri), and Dhimahi (Ritu Chinna) are all intertwined in this suspenseful tale. Furthermore, the story weaves in elements of Greek mythology, delving into the mysteries surrounding King Thora and its intriguing relationship with Kerala King Harichansra Perumal, all against the backdrop of the captivating concept of Necromancy.

Dhimahi (2023) Telugu Film: Artists Review

Saahas Pagadala seamlessly transitioned into the lead role, demonstrating a commendable range of expressions and emotions that perfectly aligned with the demands of each situation. He portrayed the role of a caring uncle with a deep yearning for his niece, and as a family member, he authentically conveyed his love for his sister and brother-in-law. When it came to romantic moments, his performance excelled, and he conveyed his character's emotions with genuine depth. Pagadala effectively channeled anger when confronted with wrongdoers and conveyed a palpable sense of frustration over his perceived inability.

Nikhita Chopra delivered a strong performance as Nidhi, not only showcasing her good looks and inherent glamour but also adapting her acting to align with her character's persona. Sreejith Gangadharan and Soujanya Kasina portrayed the roles of the parents of the missing child with genuine emotion, adding depth to their characters. Ashika Pagadala also turned in a commendable performance as a young girl. Supporting actors like Virat Kapoor, Ritu Chinna, and Vamsi Davuluri contributed effectively to the film with their well-executed roles, enhancing the overall quality of the ensemble cast.

Dhimahi (2023) Telugu Picture: Technicians Review

Dhimahi, conceived by Saahas Pagadala, presents a captivating narrative centered around the intriguing concept of necromancy. The storytelling begins on an emotionally engaging note, maintaining a commendable level of interest with skillful screenplay and direction, at least until the introduction of the necromancy element and its related scenes.

The first half effectively sets the stage for the film's narrative, building anticipation for what's to come. Saahas Pagadala deserves commendation for his innovative approach. He skillfully commences the narrative by drawing connections between Greek and Indian mythology, particularly with the legendary kings Thor and Harishcandra Perumal. This method of intertwining mythology with the intriguing concept of necromancy serves as a source of excitement and thrill for all viewers.

What sets his story apart is its uniqueness; unlike typical horror and supernatural tales, he masterfully blends these elements with heartfelt emotions, emphasizing the importance of strong family bonds. In the second half and leading up to the interval block, he meticulously delves into the ancient practices of communicating with the deceased and reviving them. Moreover, he cleverly links these ancient techniques with contemporary scientific methods such as telepathy and brain frequency. The discussions surrounding the enigmatic "black tunnel" and the tantalizing "light at the end of the tunnel" not only captivate the imagination but also underscore his ingenuity and the depth of research that went into this project.

Pagadala's screenplay and direction remain consistent, as he steadfastly adheres to the core theme without succumbing to the lure of commercial elements. He concludes the film on an emotionally resonant note, providing a fitting conclusion to the enthralling and captivating journey.

Sharan Ravi's musical compositions shine as a highlight, delivering melodious and youthful tunes, with a few that are foot-tapping and emotionally resonant. The songs are visually captivating, although they occasionally disrupt the pacing of the narrative. Ravi's background score effectively enhances the cinematic experience, contributing value to the film. Rah Sharma's cinematography skillfully captures the scenic landscapes of Australia, adding to the film's visual appeal.

The editing of Santosh Kamireddy is sleek and is neat. The dialogues evoke emotion and connects chords with the viewers moving them completely.. The production values are notably decent, contributing to the overall quality of the production.

Dhimahi Movie: Advantages

  • Performances
  • Necromancy Concept
  • Music, BGM
  • Cinematography

Dhimahi Movie: Disadvantages

  • Few missing links

Dhimahi (2023) Telugu movie: Rating Analysis

Altogether, Dhimahi offers a captivating take on the intriguing subject of necromancy. Saahas Pagadala's unwavering belief in the story, which led to him financing the film got him the desired result. Saahas managed to thrill movie lovers with the exciting elements related to necromancy ( that some people believe brings a dead person back to this world so that you can talk to them) and made them to crave more such kind of stuff from him. Taking into account all these elements, Cinejosh assigns a rating of 2.25 to Dhimahi.

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