Dharma Yogi Review

Dharma Yogi Review
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Dharma Yogi Review, What’s Behind: Tamil hero Dhanush is trying a hand now and then in Telugu with his dubbing releases. Starring Trisha, Anupama Parameshwaran as main leads, Tamil film ‘Kodi’ is released in Telugu as ‘Dharma Yogi’ in RS Durai Senthil Kumar direction. Let us see what is this political story of Dharma and Yogi?

Dharma Yogi Story: Dharma and Yogi (Dhanush) are twins born to a loyal political follower (Karunas) who sacrificed his life in fight against a pollution causing Mercury factory in Bapatla. Yogi grows as youth politician while Dharma becomes a college lecturer. Short tempered Yogi is in love with a clever power seeking budding politician and childhood sweetheart Rudra (Trisha) while a calm going Dharma falls for egg seller Malathi (Anupama Parameshwaran). At a time when Bapatla by-elections are announced, Yogi and Rudhra contest from rival parties playing their tricks. A dangerous play here leads to death of Yogi and Dharma enters into scene winning as MLA. In parallel, Rudra grows big as Rajya Sabha MP. How Dharma traced the real culprits behind his brother murder is real game of brain.

Dharma Yogi Artists and Technicians: Tamil story writers and directors give due importance to strong nativity based treatment and realistic characterizations. Durai Senthil Kumar’s plot with a complete political backdrop set in medium range town kept execution very tight. An intriguing storyline is made more effective with arresting screenplay. Once a twin, always a twin and no permanent friends, foes in politics are two fundamental points explain the uncertainty in story telling process. Despite few setbacks in both halves with movie slowing down at parts, director Durai does a decent job. Dialogues by Sashank Vennelakanti are a drawback. Venkatesh S camera work is so simple with no big buildup shots. Onus lied more on storytelling without adding any extras. Editing by Prakash could have been little sharper. Santosh Narayanan’s music is good for couple of songs and BGM is a better work. Production standards from Satish Kumar are acceptable.

Onto artists, Dhanush’s look alike in two roles with profuse variation is sure a winner. He is aggressive as Yogi and subtle as Dharma. Both on romance, drama and action, Dhanush makes it a cakewalk. Trisha is biggest surprise in a complete negative role. After watching enough of Trisha in glamour dominated characters, this is truly a challenge to portray clever, cunning as an aspiring politician who doesn’t mind going any extra length to gain power. SA Chandrasekhar, Saranya, Anupama Parameshwaran, Karunas have done exceptionally well.

Dharma Yogi Advantages:

Solid Story

Strong Screenplay




Dharma Yogi Drawbacks:

Slow Pace

Serious Narration

Zero Commercial Elements

Tamil Nativity

Dharma Yogi Rating Analysis: In a poverty stricken formula based South cinema, ‘Dharma Yogi’ offered something new and promising. A film running on pure political lines with thrilling episodes throughout is a rare find with breathe of freshness. There is also much required drama to strike chord with emotional audience. When there are sheer performers like Dhanush, Trisha, Saranya and few others, everything looks acceptable in their strong screen presence.

First half is more like a commercial entertainer with two brothers, a mother, beautiful egg seller and an ambitious lady politician installed into a firm setup. Just during pre interval, the film turns into a political thriller and goes on different lines from there on. Interval is definitely new and well executed.

Into second half, Trisha gets meatier in role exhibiting her acting side. Conflict between main leads sails on as a pure brain game. These gripping moments intermittently joined by a few lethargic elements keep the film moving forward. Pre climax is far more effective than climax. It would be inappropriate to discuss more about the ending because twists and turns are real driving forces here.

Finally, ‘Dharma Yogi’ is a novel political thriller with amazing performances from Dhanush, Trisha and a taut screenplay from Durai. For all those audience interested on fresh concepts with unusual narration, this is your cup of tea, forgetting Tamil nativity. CJ rates DY with 2.75 stars waiting for overall commercial verdict in coming days.

Dharma Yogi Cinejosh Verdict: Novel Political Thriller

                                       Dharma Yogi Cinejosh Rating: 2.75/5.0

                                                                            Reviewed by Srivaas

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