Deepavali Review

Deepavali Review
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Director: Ra.Venkat
Producer: Sravanthi Ravi Kishore
Release Date: Sat 11th Nov 2023
Actors: Deepan, Pandiyamma, Poo Ram, Kali Venkat, Vijaya,Kamali, Loki and others
Deepavali Movie Rating: 2.5 / 5
Punchline: Deepavali - Emotional Cracker !

Deepavali (2023) - Movie: What's Behind

Tamil film Kida directed by PA.Ranjith caught the attention of all when Telugu producer Sravanthi Ravi Kishore decided to bankroll the project. The film got shortlisted for various international festivals and got standing ovation from the jury members. The film is releasing in Telugu as Deepavali on 11 November 2023. Let us find out whether Deepavali entertained movie lovers or not.

Deepavali (2023) Telugu Movie: Story Review

Deepavali (2023) Movie revolves around the heartfelt story of a young boy's aspiration to wear new clothes during the festival of lights, Deepavali, and his loving grandfather's unwavering determination to fulfill his cherished dream. Ganesha, affectionately known as Deepan (Deepan), is brought up by his caring grandparents, Seenayya (Poo Ram) and Meenamma (Pandiyamma), following the tragic loss of his parents at a tender age.

The young Deepan becomes enamored by a captivating television commercial, inspiring him to express his fervent desire to his grandfather to adorn a similar outfit for the upcoming Diwali celebration.

The narrative delves into the journey of Seenayya as he endeavors to bring joy and happiness to his beloved grandson. As the story unfolds, the film explores the obstacles and challenges he encounters, the reactions of his wife Meenamma, and the significant roles played by a black goat named Veerasamy (enacted by Kaali Venkat), Lakshmi (portrayed by Vijaya), and other characters are intricately woven into the fabric of the plot. The film encapsulates the emotional tapestry of these characters and their quest to make the Deepavali festival a memorable and heartwarming occasion.

Deepavali (2023) Movie: Artists Review

Deepan, portraying the role of the young child, succeeded in captivating the hearts of all viewers with his outstanding performance. His innocent appearance, heartfelt expressions, and emotional depth were pivotal in driving the narrative. The story predominantly revolves around his character, and he delivered a spirited performance that held its own alongside the seasoned actors in the cast.

Poo Ram, in the role of the grandfather, delivered a remarkable portrayal that deeply resonated with the audience. He effectively conveyed the pain, grief, and his profound helplessness regarding his financial situation and inability to fulfill even his grandson's modest wishes. His on-screen presence left a lasting impact on viewers. Paandiyamma, playing the role of the grandmother, also delivered a commendable performance.

Kaali Venkat, in his role as an innocent drunkard determined to open his own shop on Deepavali, performed with impeccable emotions and expressions, significantly contributing to the film's progression. The combined efforts of Poo Ram, Kaali Venkat, and Deepan played a crucial role in enhancing the overall impact of the scenes. Supporting cast members like Vijaya, Kamali, Loki, and others also did justice to their respective roles, contributing to the film's authenticity and effectiveness.

Deepavali (2023) Telugu Film: Technicians Review

Deepavali, penned by Ra. Venkat, is a touching and true-to-life emotional drama. Venkat's narrative centers around a young child, his grandfather, a mutton shop worker, and a goat. Throughout the film, he artfully portrays their emotions in an engaging, authentic, and captivating manner. The first half concludes on a satisfying note, with the second half seamlessly picking up where it left off. While the storytelling pace may be slow, it flows smoothly, and the story remains relatively predictable without significant twists and turns.

Ra. Venkat heavily relies on emotions and expressions to leave a lasting impact and provide entertainment to the audience as he propels the narrative forward. The film ultimately concludes on a poignant note, underpinned by a decent screenplay and directorial effort. Venkat portrays the people in the village as exceptionally caring and supportive to the core. The dialogues are natural and heartwarming.

Anand Geraldin's editing, while acceptable, could have been more tightly executed, especially considering the film's slow pacing, which occasionally tests the patience of viewers. Jaya Prakash's cinematography makes excellent use of camera angles and color combinations to evoke a realistic ambiance, effectively capturing the scenic and rustic atmosphere of the village. The background music by Theeson enhances the emotional depth of the scenes, providing a beautiful feel to the film. The production values of Sravanthi Creations are commendable, contributing to the film's overall appeal.

Deepavali (2023) Movie: Advantages

  • Performances
  • BGM
  • Cinematography

Deepavali (2023) Movie: Disadvantages

  • Predictable Line
  • Slow Narration

Deepavali (2023) Movie: Rating Analysis

In its entirety, Deepavali is a heartfelt and authentic emotional film. Director Ra.Venkat crafted a straightforward narrative and skillfully harnessed emotions to yield an optimal performance from the cast and crew. The natural and realistic expressions brought life to the scenes. Nevertheless, a predictable and slow-paced storytelling style did have a notable impact on the overall viewing experience. Taking all these aspects into account, Cinejosh awards a Rating of 2.5 for "Deepavali"

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