Dead Pixels Web Series Review

Dead Pixels Web Series Review
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Director: Aditya Mandala
Producer: Samir - Saideep Reddy - Rahul
Release Date: Fri 19th May 2023
Actors: Niharika, Akshay Lagusani, Sai Ronak, Bhavana Sagi, Rajeev Kanakala, Viva Harsha, Bindu Chandramouli, and Jayashree Rachakonda and others
Dead Pixels Movie Rating: 1.5 / 5
Punchline: Dead Pixels - Mindless Games

Dead Pixels Web Series: What's Behind

Mega Daughter Niharika Konidela is making her comeback as an actress with Dead Pixels webseries. Excitement is on as the webseries is the Indian adaptation of the British Sitcom. The 6-episode webseries is streaming from 19 May 2023 on Disney+Hotstar. Let us find out what Dead Pixels packaged to the viewers.

Dead Pixels Web Series: Story Review

Dead Pixels story highlights the developments in the lives of the three youngsters who are addicted to video gamers. Close friends Gayatri (Niharika Konidela), and Bhargav (Akhay Lagusani) though work in the same company, stay in the same flat, but interact more through video games rather than face-to-face. They happen to meet another crazy video gamer Pilot Anand (Viva Harsha) and all get addicted to the Battle of Thrones video game.

What their addiction to video games leads to and how it is connected to new employee Roshan (Sai Ronak), and flatmate Aishwarya (Bhavana Sagi) form the interesting developments.

Dead Pixels (2023) Web Series: Artists Review

Niharika is ok in her role. She came up with her typical dialogue delivery and unique comedy timing. She did well in the role of a girl who lives life in her own way. She did well as the girl who looks down on others who do not play video games. Akshay Lagusani is good in his role. He lived in the role of a guy addicted to gaming. Viva Harsha did not get the scope to entertain viewers with his comedy. Sai Ronak is ok in his role while Bhavana Sagi did justice with her performance.

Dead Pixels Telugu Web Series: Technicians Review

Dead Pixels Story written by Akshay Polla is adapted by British Sitcom. Right from the start viewers will be shown only people addicted to video games with nothing much happening. This makes people wonder how could anyone stop all their work and get addicted to gaming. Director Aditya Mandala and Akshay Polla with their story and screenplay tried to target people who are interested in video games.

However, they failed to create scenes in episodes in such a way that excites and generates interest. The makers have taken time to highlight other things rather than create interest through games and this entirely robbed of the webseries essence. The scenes and the games lack connectivity and are uninteresting. Few comedy scenes are ok. Most of the scenes are shot in an apartment or in the office. Dialogues are just ok and may attract those who are addicted to games.

The music of Siddhath Sadashivuni's music is good and the background score is average. The cinematography of Fahad Abdul Majeed beautified the scenes. Editing could have been far better as there are many drags and almost all the episodes dragged. The production values of Tamada Media are of a good standard.

Dead Pixels: Advantages

  • Few Scenes

Dead Pixels: Disadvantages

  • Story

Dead Pixels Web Series: Rating Analysis

Altogether, Dead Pixels fails to entertain even diehard video gamers. Niharika Konidela tried to do something new and Aditya Mandala decided to be creative by trying to adapt British Sitcom. But in the process, they failed to balance the Indian sensitivities with the video games addiction and they completely lost the emotional connection. Had they paid attention to this aspect and related video gaming to emotional bonding and showed the after-effects in an interesting manner, Dead Pixels would have got a different result. It has to be seen whether they introspect for the second season. Considering all these aspects, Cinejosh goes with a 1.5 Rating for Dead Pixels.

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