Darshini Review

Darshini Review
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Director: Dr. Pradeep Allu
Producer: Dr. LV Suryam
Release Date: Fri 17th May 2024
Actors: Vikas, Shanti, Satya Prasad and others
Darshini Movie Rating: 1.5 / 5
Punchline: Darshini - Pradakshini !

Darshini Review (2024) Movie: What's Behind

This week's latest release involves a science fiction thriller titled 'Darshini' Directed by Dr. Pradeep Allu is  produced by Dr. LV Suryam. The film stars Vikas, Satya Prasad and Shanti in lead roles. The film got released in theatres today (May 17). Let's check-out the review.

Darshini Review (2024) Telugu Movie: Story Review

Three best friends, Santosh (Vikas), Priya (Shanti) and Livingstone (Satya Prasad) plan a getaway at a farmhouse owned by Dr. Darshini. During their stay, they stumble upon a machine that shows them their future. As they watch the next day's events unfold on the monitor, Dr Darshini goes missing, adding to the sense of suspense and intrigue. A police officer arrives at the farmhouse under the guise of patrolling, leaving the trio bewildered. What happened to Dr. Darshini? What is the mystery behind the time machine that knows their future? Who is the cop and how is his sister linked to the story? Will the trio of friends be able to escape the trap they are seemingly in? Forms the crux of the story. 

Darshini Review (2024) Movie: Artists Review

The film runs mostly on three friends, played by Vikas, Satya Prasad and Shanti. Vikas is good in the role of a possessive boyfriend. Vikas convincingly played that part who can't get enough of his lover. Shanti is nicknamed Tingari because she is too naive. She brings innocence to her role. Satya Prasad plays an overweight guy who becomes frozen at regular intervals and needs to use the stress ball as an antidote. The performances should have been more natural and impactful to align with the sci-fi genre. The rest of the cast members, including the artist who played Dr. Darshini, didn't add much value to the narrative.

Darshini Movie: Technicians Review

The cinematography by Ravi Milky is noteworthy but it is put down by sub-par production values. Editing by Praveen Jairaj and Chandu Chalamala is crisp and  didn't  stretch out any scenes. Nijani Anjan's songs and Background Score by Siva Prasad are adequate but let down by poor quality of production.

Darshini Review (2024) Movie: Advantages

  • Plot
  • Interesting Sci-fi Elements
  • A Couple Of Sequences

Darshini Review (2024) Movie: Disadvantages

  • Poor Technical Values 
  • Amateurish Taking

Darshini Review (2024) Movie: Rating Analysis

Director Dr. Pradeep Allu comes up with a plot that takes off as an entertainer and turns into a mind-bending sci-fi thriller. The female lead's character has been designed well with a suspenseful arc. The male character is filled with his lustful tendencies, adding depth to the story. Interesting elements like manipulating voices and mysterious CCTV's add a fresh angle to 'Dr. Darshini'. Dr. Darshini knows about her death in advance and its connection to the ever-vigilant cop adds intrigue. The film offers a fresh take on the sci-fi genre. The one invisible character makes its presence felt throughout. While the second half turns much darker with a forest scene heightening the mystery. Hidden motives and character secrets add further twists. 

The film, however, suffers with substandard production values and low quality of visuals. 'Darshini' as a story offers a good spin on the sci-fi genre but its poor quality hampered the interest and curiosity generated with the character's motives and interesting ideas.


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