Darshakudu Review

Darshakudu Review
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Director: Jakka Hariprasad
Producer: Vijaya Kumar, Thomas Reddy
Release Date: Fri 04th Aug 2017
Actors: Ashok Bandreddi
Darshakudu Rating: 2.5 / 5
Darshakudu Punchline: DARSHAKUDU Misses His SCREENPLAY

Darshakudu Review, What’s Behind:

Along with directing top heroes, Sukumar’s passion for small budgeted concept based projects resulted in establishment of his own banner Sukumar Writings which is the banner behind Darshakudu introducing Jakka Hariprasad as director and Ashok Bandreddi as hero. Let us see, what’s this cinema is all about?

Darshakudu Story Review:

Mahesh (Ashok) is a wannabe director making his own trials in producer circles who believes that direction is 20 percent creativity and 80 percent management. When finally the film passionate Mahesh bags a direction chance, his producer feels love track in the script is feeble and needs to be tightened.

To get the first hand romantic feel, Mahesh decides to fall in love with costume designer Namrata (Eesha Rebba), who happens to be none other than his childhood sweetheart. Mahesh begins to draw many inspirations in love with Namrata and in the process he appears to lose the focus on direction. What happened to Mahesh’s debut directorial titled Darshakudu? Will Mahesh comeback to win his love?

Darshakudu Artists and Technicians Review:

Sukumar is generally known for complex treatment for simple subjects. Debutant Jakka Hariprasad traveled on the same lines as his mentor because Darshakudu has a new premise of cinema in cinema with a simple and straight forward love story. A passionate director falling in love with costume designer just to inspire and write romantic scenes for his script sounds interesting. Yet, Hariprasad’s passion definitely needed little more acceleration because screenplay wandered at leisure pace as narration slowed down in second half. Writing wise, there’s again a clear Sukku mark in dialogues. Onto direction, Hariprasad showed his mark in interval and climax portions revealing the true meaning of cinema and creative maniacs in film industry. Praveen Anumolu’s camera work is colorful with bright visuals. Naveen Nooli could have used his scissors more in second half. Couple of songs scored by Sai Karthik is good while background score is more than decent. Production standards from Sukumar Writings are praiseworthy.Onto performances, being a debutant Ashok gave an acceptable show. Though improved as the story proceeded on yet the young guy needs to refine his expressions and body language. Eesha Rebba isn’t striking at looks, the dark beauty dominated with her screen presence. Poojita Ponnada is glamorous while Noel hasn’t got any scope. Sudarshan’s comedy is a big relief. Among the rest, none needs a big mention.

Darshakudu Review Positives:

Interesting StoryInterval

Darshakudu Review Negatives:

Lack Of EntertainmentLethargic NarrationMissing Emotions

Darshakudu Review, Rating Analysis:

Darshakudu could well have been a special film to fit into typical Sukumar Writings genre but the movie misses on generating enough entertainment centered on central conflict between Passion for Direction Vs Love for His Girl. Apparently, Hariprasad missed a great deal of choice by letting loose his screenplay at key areas. First half takes off too cinematically with hero’s childhood episode. Then direction trials in Film Nagar projected the real life experiences of many in Hyderabad. Manipulating the senior co-director to win the direction chance by impressing a producer is something which we see regularly in the field. Following romantic track is slightly bored but interval block has Sukku’s mark.Second half begins tad slow and story moves nowhere which disappoints audience big time. Everything goes on expected lines till the pre interval where discussion between director and producer regarding an item song is honestly presented. Climax isn’t so great yet acceptable.All in all, Darshakudu is an average film with a new skeleton. Strategy of Hariprasad to use Ashok as hero and walk in Sukumar footsteps is succeeded to half. It is too early to forecast on commercial verdict and Cinejosh rates Darshakudu with 2.5 stars.

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