Darja Movie Review

Darja Movie Review
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Director: Salim Malik
Producer: Shiv Shankar Paidapadi
Release Date: Fri 22nd Jul 2022
Actors: Anasuya
Darja Telugu Movie Rating: 1 / 5
Darja Telugu Movie Punchline: Darja - Viewers say Hatja.

What's Behind

Darja starring Sunil and Anasuya captured the imagination of all, ever since they became a hit pair following the sensation Allu Arjun's Pushpa created at the box office. The film directed by Salim Malik hit the screens on July 22, 2022. Let us see what Darja offered to movie lovers.

Story Review

Kanam(Anasuya) wreaks fear in Bandaru as a lady gangster. She is ably supported by her brother Bairagi (Naga Mahesh). She sets her sights to rule the Bandar port. However, police officer Shivashankar (Sunil) has other plans to find out what they are and how the lives of dumb person Ganesh (Shammu), his brother Ranga (Arun Varma), Veera babu and their loves Pushpa (Sirisha) and Geeta (Aqsa Khan) affects, enjoy Darja on the screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director Salim Malik roped in an experienced star cast in his effort to score a hit and make his presence felt in the industry. However, there ends the matter. He comes with a routine story and ended up testing the patience of the viewers with his screenplay and direction. Though the makers promoted the film using Anasuya and Sunil's names, their screen presence is very limited and viewers who wait eagerly for their performances lose their interest as other unknown faces appear on the screen and end up giving them relentless torture.

To top of it, Salim Malik tried to create hype by using the name of Pushpa umpteen times, to cash into Allu Arjun's Pushpa but it instead ended up irritating the viewers. One feels that there is no end to the relentless torture and when the film comes to an end, they run towards the exit without even looking elsewhere.

Anasuya captured the imagination of all with her performance in Rangasthalam and earlier with Soggade Chinni Nayana. Her role in Pushpa got immense recognition. The makers have been experimenting with Anasuya and she is also going ahead but the results are not as expected. Director Salim Malik tried to show Anasuya in a different way but except for her look,she failed with her performance.

Shammu,Arun Varma,Sirisha and Aqsa Khan failed to make any impact. Their inexperience got exposed in every possible manner. The special song on Aqsa Khan appeal to youth.Sunil appeared only before the second half and from then on he tried to carry the film on his shoulders but it turned out to be too late. Director failed to make use of experienced actors like Aamani,Shafi,,Shakalaka Shankar,Hemanth,Pruthviraj and others. The hilarious scenes shot on Prithviraj turned out to be a torture.

Rap rock Shakeel's music did not make any impact except for one or two and the background music turned loud. The cinematography of Darshan is ok and the editing of MR. Varma failed completely. Production values are ok.





Rating Analysis

Anasuya and Sunil's Darja fails to justify the title. To top of it, over-the-top dialogues and performances, silly scenes, and narration diluted the entire narration. Considering all these elements, CJ goes with a 1 rating for Darja.


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