D for Dopidi Review

D for Dopidi Review
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Behind the Movie D for Dopidi: More than heroes Varun Sandesh or Sundeep Kishan, it is the Nani factor associated with this film has built the hype. The movie regarded as comedy-crime-thriller entered into theatres today. Let us see, how far they could rob our hearts?

In the Movie D for Dopidi: The common problem faced by four friends (Varun Sandesh, Sundeep Kishan, Naveen, Rakesh) is Money. Although nature of their problems is different yet all of them are linked to money. They decide to loot AP National Bank without any proper plan. With funny masks, all of them enter into bank and complete the rest using the toy guns. Twist comes in the form of real burglars led by Loka Muddu (Tanikella Bharani) enter into the same bank with real weapon. Police Officer Krishnamacharya (Deva Katta) surrounds the bank with Police. What happened later on? How did Loka Muddu and friends’ batch develop mutual affection with those trapped customers and employees in the bank? What kind of climax do you expect? All these form the rest.         

Values & Out of the Movie D for Dopidi: As per my knowledge, any crime thriller should have goose bumping twists and turns with pinching episodes throughout. Even though director Siraj Kalla pushed this into a comedy genre, there was dire necessity to add the excitement. Except the satires on media, there was nothing much left to laugh or really worth to bring out from theater, dialogues wise. Situations created in the plot should have been more complicated. The team was clearly bankrupt in ideas for providing the punching climax as there was no way left for them except bringing in a new character of real thief (Raj Pippala). Screenplay should have been more engaging and direction went on random lines without a proper thought. Best example for this is flashback episode of Tanikella Bharani did not match to the caliber of such a talented artist. Lukasz’s cinematography managed well to float with the robbery concept. Dharmendra Kakarala’s editing missed in sharpness and agility. Mahesh Shankar’s background score was a better work of all. Production values do not need any mention because hardly there was something to invest upon.

Performance wise, Sundeep Kishan is the show stealer with casual yet commanding approach towards the character. After a very long time, Varun Sandesh showed some acting skills. Naveen was decent while combo scenes of Rakesh, Rishi Muvva as Chevula Pilli generated laughs. Rishi Muvva can become an alternative for Thagubothu Ramesh. It is Tanikella Bharani from whom much was expected. Then Deva Katta, Raj Pippala has quite few to do. Nani’s voice over and promotional song aren’t really necessary.  

For robbery plot, a director has to do lot of groundwork in running the sharp screenplay with intelligent narration. Just like lead group of friends in film go for bank burglary watching few Hollywood movies, our director Siraj Kalla also did the same. He missed in chiseling the characters and failed to put the exact edge on. Scenes float one by one with no mean and no purpose. At an un-manipulative emergency scene, how can a Police Officer (Deva Katta) take a class for sub-ordinates to cut down their fat? Such silly points and sillier execution is sustained all over. Finally, ‘D for Dopidi’ neither has ‘E for Entertainment’ nor ‘T for Thrills,’ it just goes long and extended for 2 hours generating ‘P for Pain’ and ‘H for Headache.’

Cinejosh Verdict of D for Dopidi: They Failed to Rob Us.

                                 Cinejosh Rating: 2.5
                                                Reviewed by Srivaas

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