C.S.I Sanatan Review

C.S.I Sanatan Review
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Director: SivaShankar Dev
Producer: Ajay Srinivas
Release Date: Fri 10th Mar 2023
Actors: Aadi Saikumar, Misha Narang, Tharak Ponnappa, Nandini Rai, Ali Reza, Madhusudan Rao, Koushik Mahata, Khayyum and others
C.S.I Sanatan Movie Rating: 2.5 / 5
Punchline: C.S.I Sanatan - Convenient Solution

C.S.I Sanatan Movie : What's Behind

Aadi Saikumar is set to test his luck with a crime thriller titled interestingly CSI Sanathan. The film's teasers and trailers increased interest levels and is releasing on 10 March 2023. The film's OTT partner is yet to be finalized and streaming will be done after the end of its theatrical run. The film is directed by Siva Shankar Dev and let us see what Aadi offered with CSI Sanathan.

C.S.I Sanatan : Story Review

C.S.I Sanatan story is about how an investigating officer recreates a crime scene and solves the mysterious murder of a bigshot where no clues were found. When Vikram Chakravarthy (Tharak Ponnappa), founder of VCFinancial Company, and a celebrity in the top 50 Forbes List gets murdered mysteriously, ACP Shankar (Ravi Prakash) directs CI Rudra (Ali Reza) to consult Sanathan (Aadi Saikumar), who resolved many mysterious cases by recreating the crime scene and got the name CSI.

Sanathan starts recreating the crime scene and continues his investigation and finds out many shocking twists. Where all this leads to, why Vikram Chakravarthy is murdered, how cofounder Divya (Nandini Rai), Minister Rajvardhan(Madhusudhan Rao), Sudheeksha (Misha Narang) are connected to it, should be unraveled on the screen watching CSI Sanathan.

C.S.I Sanatan : Artists Review

Aadi Saikumar came up with a terrific performance in the role of investigative officer Sanathan. He looked dashing, stylish, and handsome and showed good expressions and emotions to elevate the scenes with his performance. Aadi did not go overboard in any of the scenes and elevated the scenes with his screen presence. The way he started the investigation, leads the team and interrogates the suspects, and tries to find out the clues are shown in an extremely natural and realistic way. Aadi Saikumar delivered dialogues in a cool and composed manner and on many occasions, he showed expressions and let them do the talking point rather than delivery lengthy dialogues. This role and performance will be the highlight of Aadi's career and helps him reach new heights. He proved to all that he can not only to lover boy and romantic roles but also serious roles in a subtle manner.

Misha Narag, the female lead looked good and gorgeous on the screen. She complimented Aadi Saikumar quite well. She did what was required of her though she did not get much scope to show her acting talent. However, one can say it is a decent debut for her. Ali Reza, Bigg Boss fame matched Aadi on the screen with his performance. He looked charming and handsome and as CI Rudra along with Aadi took viewers into the investigation along with them.

Tharak Ponnappa the founder of the financial company looked stylish and showed good expressions and made his presence felt during the later half of the narration. Nandini Rai is ok in her role as the co-founder of the company. Madhusudhan Rao is good as the Minister. Ravi Prakash performed well as the higher official in the police department. Others performed according to their roles.

C.S.I Sanatan : Technicians Review

C.S.I Sanatan's story selected by Shiva Shankar Dev highlighted how fraudsters take advantage of playing on the weakness of poor people to get rich in a quick time. The point is quite relevant and has not been touched upon by the makers in recent times and Shiva Shankar Dev did a good thing in not deviating from the topic.

He starts the narration with the death of the founder of the financial company and quickly shows the investigation scenes. The scenes though racy at times turn predictable in the first half and the interval twist interests all. The interval twist may look routine for those who regularly watch this genre of films or serials like Crime Patrol etc. But the first half ends on a decent note setting the stage for the second half.

The second half picks pace and races at a brisk pace and a few twists and turns increase the interest levels. The narration ends with the mystery resolved but in the process, the director has taken many cinematic liberties and in the process missed many loopholes. Even the climax turned out to be unconvincing and made viewers wonder, for this small twist, why such a big and lengthy narration.

The editing of Amar Reddy is sleek. He ensured that the screenplay is racy doing away with the unwanted scenes and drags using the editing scissors to near perfection. G.Sekhar's cinematography showed the entire crime scene and the subsequent proceedings during the investigation in a realistic and natural manner. He used camera angles and lighting effects to give a good feel to the viewers. Aneesh Solomon's music is ok. There is only one song and it is well shot even had it been done away with it, the narration wouldn't have been impacted. He made a good impact with the BGM and ensured that it elevated the scenes. Dialogues are good and to the point. The production values of Chaganti Productions are good.

CSI Sanathan : Advantages

  • Aadi Saikumar
  • Interesting twists, turns
  • Screenplay
  • BGM
  • Cinematography

CSI Sanathan : Disadvantages

  • Cinematic Liberties
  • Few Loopholes
  • Unconvincing Climax

C.S.I Sanatan (2023) Movie : Rating Analysis

Altogether, C.S.I Sanatan turns out to be a cracker for Aadi Saikumar who has been relentlessly churning out projects to reach the next level of stardom by scoring a hit at the box office. Director Shiva Shankar Dev touched upon an important topic and tried to warn people not to get carried away by easy money-making schemes that promise heaven. For all their efforts, the entire first half is discussed on the behavior of the various characters and criminal behavior and criminology and the story doesn't make any headway. There are a few repetitive scenes and dialogues which impacted the pace at times. Screenplay and narration pick up pace in the second half and twists and turns make viewers sit up and watch. But in the end, people may not get connected to the climax as it leaves them confused. Aadi should be complimented for not insisting or going for commercial angles and the makers should be praised for trying not to include commercial elements. Shiva Shankar Dev left many loopholes and has taken many cinematic liberties to make Sanathan solve the case. Had they fine-tuned the script and story to some extent, CSI Sanathan could have made a powerful impact. Considering all these aspects, Cinejosh goes with a 2.5 Rating for C.S.I Sanatan.

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