Crazy Uncles Review

Crazy Uncles Review
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Director: E.Sattibabu
Producer: Boddu Ashok
Release Date: Thu 19th Aug 2021
Actors: Sreemukhi
Crazy Uncles Rating: 1.75 / 5
Crazy Uncles Punchline: Not At All Crazy!

What's Behind

Hot anchor Sreemukhi's upcoming film Crazy Uncles directed by E.Satti Babu generated an immense craze among movie lovers. The interesting title and the hilarious teaser and trailer made people to watch out for this film's release. The film hogged the media limelight for the undue controversy over the film's content with women groups protesting against the makers. In the midst of all this, let us find out whether Crazy Uncles is worth all the hype and is there any controversy over its content.

Story Review

Three friends Reddy (Singer Mano), Raju (Raja Ravindra), and Rao (Bharani) experience troubles in their marriage life. These three friends who are called uncles turn crazy and try to get that pleasure from outside and look for ways to get it. Finally, they try to woo famous singer Sweety (Sreemukhi).

All the three try to impress Sweety and spend one night with her to get pleasure without the knowledge of each other. Where their attempts to woo Sweety lead to and whether Sweety spends one night with any of these crazy uncles from the rest of the Crazy Uncles plot.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director E.Satti Babu came with a story to entertain viewers generating humor over it. However, the story turned out to be routine and from then on it became extremely weak as the narration progressed. The screenplay is not at all interesting and the so-called twists looked silly to the core. Director failed to maintain the tempo which he started in an interesting manner. He included many unnecessary scenes that are irrelevant to the story and deviated from the main plot. This resulted in testing the patience of the viewers.

Actors Singer Mano, Bharani, and Raja Ravindra as Crazy Uncles did their bit. They maintained their physique in such a way that they looked realistic in the roles of uncles. Mano especially dominated other actors Bharani and the more experienced Raja Ravindra with his performance. He entertained with his body language, expressions, and emotions and carried himself well on the screen. He shone in the important scenes with Sreemukhi and also in the climax.

Sreemukhi did well in her role as the singer. She also indulged in glamor treat that is required to attract viewers. She did some bold scenes to set the screens on fire. Posani Krishna Murali slipped into the role of the yoga guru. Adurs Raghu, Hema, and Giridhar performed their roles accordingly.

Raghu Kunche's music is just average and he did not make much impression with his background music. Cinematography is just ordinary. Editing left a lot to be desired. There are many unnecessary scenes that the editor failed to do away with them. Dialogues are nothing to rave about. Production values are ok.



Sreemukhi's glamor



Story, Screenplay, Direction



Rating Analysis

Some adult films with bold content hit the bullseye. E.Satti Babu tried to do the same and emerged successful in naming the film as Crazy Uncles and generating interest with the trailer. He got the desired effect when the dialogues in the trailer created a controversy that got the makers the much-required publicity. However, all that came for nothing as Satti Babu came with a routine story. He stuffed the entire story with unnecessary scenes and banked on Sreemukhi's skin show. Viewers after a couple of minutes got bored watching Sreemukhi's glamor and the uninteresting, insipid narration only ended up irritating the viewers completely. Considering all these aspects, CJ goes with a 1.75 rating to Crazy Uncles.


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