Courier Boy Kalyan Review

Courier Boy Kalyan Review
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Courier Boy Kalyan Review, What’s Behind: There is an unprecedented delay in release of this problematic film owing to different financial reasons. Starring Nithin and Yami Gautham in main leads, this movie is presented by Gautham Vasudev Menon introducing debutant Prem Sai as director. Let us how great is this action thriller by reading this Courier Boy Kalyan review.

Courier Boy Kalyan Story: On interesting note, movie opens on scientific concept of Stem Cells and the necessity of conducting further researches on this modern day subject which can reshape the human living. A top doctor (Ashutosh Rana) from Bucharest, Europe takes up this project not on medical grounds but to satisfy his greedy financial urge. For research to go forward, he needs at least 100 stem cells samples from pregnant women there by destroying the fetus. For this, he selects India and an illegal, immoral scam begins.

On the other side, there is simple living unemployed youth Kalyan (Nithin) in Hyderabad becomes a Courier Boy to win the love of Kavya (Yami Gautham). Accidentally, the Stem Cells scam is leaked through a hospital in Gudiwada with needed evidences posted by courier to a sincere politician Sathya Murthy (Nasser). Well, you guessed right. The same courier is in the hands of Kalyan and the henchmen of Ashutosh Rana begin the chase. Rest is how Kalyan escapes exposing the medical scam.

Courier Boy Kalyan Artists and Technicians: As an artist Nithin did a fairly good job. However, he picked a wrong subject which did not suit his current lover boy image. He was mechanical throughout while heroine Yami Gautham is absolutely wasted in a pathetic character which does not have any connection with nucleus in story. Nasser is reasonably good while Ashutosh Rana is also just fine. Inturi Vasu, Surekha Vani, Sathyam Rajesh, Harsha etc were for name sake.

Technically, Prem Sai fell flat on the nose unable to handle a sensitive plot with his inexperience exposed in every department. Screenplay was completely woeful with predictability swollen out in every episode. Even though some might acknowledge him for brining in a scientific and contemporary medical touch to film story, the very next moment his unpardonable direction and feeble characterizations flip over. Gautham Vasudev Menon appears to have left the project at own risk. Musical score by Karthik, Anup Rubens is utterly disappointing. Songs comes as speed breakers to intensify our headache. Sandeep Chowtha’s background score is just pass-able. Sathya Ponmar’s camera work is fair to middling. Last but not least, Praveen Pudi gave worst possible editing one can expect for a movie. How come a film with less than two hours of run time can inject so much of boredom should be learnt with this haphazard editing. Dialogues need nothing to analyze. Production values of Photon Kathaas are moderate.

Courier Boy Kalyan Rating Analysis: A random application of common sense to anticipate on the reasons behind delay in release of this movie answers very basic question on quality of product they had on hand. There is nothing to explore more because a director with no hold on screenplay and grip on narration can never handle this genre. Although, take off sounded good with well introduced medical terminology and core plot introduced, Prem Sai decelerated his standards scene by scene. Entire romantic track of Nithin, Yami failed to exemplify a flavor. Instead of developing drama and emotions needed to showcase the pain in those families when women are aborted, the story traverses here and there vaguely with no purpose.

First half and second half are same boring and lifeless. Nithin made a wrong choice and the film was worth to remain in cans instead of coming out. With festive holidays till Sunday, let us hope for makers to revive at least a share of their investment made on release promotions and release arrangements.                    

Courier Boy Kalyan Cinejosh Verdict: Subject Packed – Dispatch Failed

Courier Boy Kalyan Cinejosh Rating: 2.25/5.0

                                                                                                 Reviewed by Srivaas

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