Colour Photo Review

Colour Photo Review
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Director: Sandeep Raj
Producer: Sai Rajesh
Release Date: Fri 23rd Oct 2020
Actors: Suhas, Chandini Chowdary
Colour Photo Movie Rating: 2.25 / 5
Punchline: Colour Photo - Blurred Photo

Colour Photo Review, What’s Behind?

Comedian Suhas tests his luck as hero with Colour Photo that marks the directorial debut of Sandeep Raj. Comedian turned hero Sunil plays a negative role and Telugu girl Chandini Chowdary pins all hopes on the film. The film carried positive reports, thanks to impressive promotional content. Did the film live up to the expectations?

Colour Photo Story Review:

A dark-skinned poor guy Jaya Krishna (Suhas) is admitted to an Engineering College where he falls flat for the College topper Deepthi (Chandini Chowdary). He fears to express his feelings to Deepthi who too in due course starts adoring him. Like in every other love story, Krishna and Deepthi’s love story has a hurdle in form of her psycho brother Ramaraju (Sunil) who hates love marriage. Where this love story ends form crux of the story.

Colour Photo Artists, Technicians Review:

Sandeep Raj has vast experience as a short film maker. He has opted to a proper story for his debut directorial venture. He gets good marks for his dealing of romantic and comedy scenes. But, the problem lies with routineness in college scenes and dragged second half. Sunil’s character is poorly written. Kaala Bhairava comes up with catchy tunes and background score is a major asset. Venkat Shakamury’s cinematography is neat, while Kodati Pavan Kalyan’s editing work is feeble. Production values of Amrutha Productions and Loukya Entertainment are good for the genre.

As per the story, the lead character should be a below average guy looks wise. That doesn’t mean, he doesn’t have enough space and scope to perform. It’s a tailor-made role for Suhas who simply lived in the character. Every below average looking guy will relate to the character, thanks to his wonderful portrayal. Chanidi Chowdary, on the other hand, fits aptly in the role of Deepthi. Sunil didn’t look convincing in the role with negative shades. Viva Harsha is funny at times. Other artists played their parts.

Colour Photo Review Advantages:

Basic Plotline

Suhas, Chandini


Colour Photo Review Drawbacks:

Routineness In College Scenes

Second Half

Inadequate Entertaining Elements

Sluggish Narration

Poor Editing Work

Pathetic Ending

Colour Photo Review, Rating Analysis:

The corona pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has turned blessing in disguise for many films hit the OTT space in last few months. Coming to Colour Photo, OTT release is a good choice. A better screenplay would have worked wonders for the film that lacked commercial ingredients. The pathetic end may not impress one section of audience.

The film begins in USA introducing the female lead Chandini Chowdary who’s married to a caring husband. But she is not happy as she appears, since there’s a vacuum in her life. She jets off to her hometown in India, not just to attend funeral of her father, but she has a most important work. The story goes back to 90’s introducing Suhas as a hard-working poor guy who’s dark-skinned. Chandini’s performance as goddess Durga is pious and it’s a great idea of Suhas giving Aarati to her. The college episodes somehow lacked freshness. Suhas and Chandini’s track in intriguing.

Second half begins on an interesting note with romantic track between the lead pair. But the narration turns tedious due to repetitiveness. The matchbox headset conversation is nostalgic. The moment Sunil makes entry to disrupt the love, we tend to lose interest. The two versions of pre-climax may be apt for the story, but that further kills the interest. The last episodes are heavily sentimental.

All in all, Colour Photo is an average film with good story and poor execution. All the artists, except for Sunil gave their best, and there’s good support from music director and cinematographer as well. Second half would have been dealt well, to make it an engaging watch. CJ goes with 2.25 star rating and the film will appeal to those who love to watch pathetic love stories.

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