C/O Surya Review

C/O Surya Review
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Director: Suseenthiran
Producer: Chakri Chigurupati
Release Date: Fri 10th Nov 2017
Actors: Sundeep Kishan
C/O Surya Rating: 2.75 / 5
C/O Surya Punchline: Decently Thrilling

C/O Surya Review, What’s Behind:

Young hero Sundeep Kishan picking wide range of scripts teamed up this time with Suseenthiran of Naa Peru Shiva fame backed by the glamour of Mehreen Pirzada. Promises to be a realistic entertainer with teaser and trailer, let’s get into the actual review part.

C/O Surya Story Review:

Surya (Sundeep Kishan) and Mahesh (Vikranth) are good friends. In fact Mahesh proposes Surya’s sister Anupama in past but their friendship grows in strength in later times as both of them work in same catering company. As story moves on plainly, Mahesh conflicts with an apartment builder who in turn gives Supari for local don Samba Shivudu (Harish Uttaman) which creates friction. On other side, Mahesh and Anupama who are in love hide their relationship before Surya. Situations turn so complex when Surya gets aware of two things, one Samba Shivudu gang is behind Mahesh and second Mahesh is in love with Anupama. Soon Surya joined by a Police officer begin the chase to know some shocking facts behind Samba Shivudu’s attacks on Mahesh and Anupama. How Surya rescues both of them from Samba Shivudu is rest.

C/O Surya Artists, Technicians Review:

Unlike the regular stuff we see in Telugu films, Suseenthiran weaves a distinctively different quality product with an interesting crime backdrop of two friends, one family and two love stories, one villain. However, Suseenthiran did not show the expertise as that of engaging screenplay and fun what we found in Naa Peru Shiva. Most of the artists he picked here are from NPS. Suseenthiran’s core strength lies in fabricating an authentic mood with pragmatic character design and sensible treatment. He kept most of the essence same as that of NPS but missed in choosing a wider central point. He wasted huge time with unnecessary fun, unappealing romance, family and friendship scenes before coming on to thrilling crime aspect. As a director, Suseenthiran showed his mark in good number of portions leaving much more to ask on his forte screenplay. Laxman Kumar’s camera work is very impressive while Kasi Vishwanathan’s editing lacked in pace. Music by D Imman is absorbing in background. Production standards from Chakri Chigurupati of Lakshmi Narasimha banner are decent enough.

About performances, Sundeep Kishan is a perfect fit for good-boy-next-door looks. He plays the role with tremendous ease and flexibility. His timing of punches and rendering lengthy dialogues stood good. Mehreen as Janani hasn’t got much to do. Harish Uthaman as usual did a superb job as main villain. Tamil actor Vikranth showed good screen presence and can have a stay in South. Thulasi as hero’s mother was over reactive. Sathya, Sapthagiri and other comedians tried to evoke laughter.

C/O Surya Review Positives:

Sundeep Kishan

Action Thrills

Suspense Factor


Background Music

Second Half

C/O Surya Review Negatives:

First Half Waste Scenes



C/O Surya Review, Rating Analysis:

Like every Suseenthiran film, this one too has its own merits of naturalistic mood, good protagonist and thrilling conflict with a shocking suspense behind. Best part is the director retained this anxious point till the last minute. Sundeep Kishan, Vikranth and the girl who played sister to Sundeep are identifiable in every next door. 

Taking off the film on entertaining friendliness between Sundeep and Vikranth with a fight and song, immediately Harish Uthaman is logged in elaborating his wickedness and modus operandi. Here starts the bluffing screenplay when entire concentration is diverted on to two threads, one is Vikranth love story and second is Harish Uthaman’s sketch for Vikranth. So, Sundeep Kishan is instantly crushed between two alarming ends while his love track with Mehreen takes the back seat. Interval block is definitely decent enough to hike the excitement.

Second half is where Suseenthiran comes back to his best of sketches. Episode to trap Harish Uthaman’s henchman, interrogation process and unveiling the key lock of Medical seat are supremely handled. Here’s where the middle class family emotions and hurdles are sure to touch the audience. Towards climax, Sundeep and Vikranth leading the fight with Harish Uthaman is the rest cinematically dealt.

All in all, C/O Surya has Suseenthiran’s trademark treatment in parts. Yet those who loved Naa Peru Shiva can surely give this one a safe try. Sundeep Kishan showed a complete professional approach in fitting into character. While commercial Box Office verdict is awaited, CJ goes for 2.75 stars.


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