Clap Review

Clap Review
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Director: Prithvi Adithya
Producer: IB. Karthikeyan
Release Date: Fri 11th Mar 2022
Actors: Aadhi Pinisetty
Clap Movie Rating: 2 / 5
Punchline: Clap - Fails to sound the success clap

What's Behind

Aadi Pinisetty is known for his unique entertainers. His upcoming entertainer Clap generated interest among movie lovers. the film directed by Prithvi Adithya is streaming directly on Sony Liv OTT from March 11, 2022. Let us see what impact the movie made on the viewers.

Story Review

Vishnu (Aadhi Pinisetty), a crippled athlete who suffers from PLP disorder do not have good marital relationship with his wife Mitra (Akanksha Singh). In the midst of all this, Vishnu brings Bhagyalakshmi (Krisha Kurup) into his house, promoting Mitra to leave. To find out the intentions of Vishnu, what he is up to with Bhaglakahsmi, and how SAI President Venkatram (Nassar) is connected to it, watch Clap on Sony Liv.

Artists, Technicians Review

Prithvi Adithya came with an intense sports-based entertainer and this time he touched upon India's forgotten sports athletics. He generated interest in how a crippled athlete fights against the system and ensures that a youngster becomes a top runner. He doesn't deviate from the subject and the makers did not try to include commercial elements to catch the attention of all. The narration is to the point neat, tidy, and steady. However there are very few twists and turns and the predictability in the story, screenplay and direction robbed the viewers of the thrills.

Director could have highlighted the chemistry between Aadi and Akanksha and also could have dwelled more on convincing Bhagyalakshmi's family members. These two scenes are shown in a normal manner. The story lacked novelty and be it the villain angle or the young girl trusting strangers, the hero finding the talent without much hard work looked too cinematic and simplistic. However, the makers should be complimented for their attempt to highlight the rot in sports management and the entire system. The film has similarities with regard to amputation and disability to other films.

Aadi Pinisetty performed his role quite well. He is impressed as a youngster who works to achieve the dreams of his dad and showed the trauma and pain when his dreams get dashed due to an accident. He showed grit and determination in his body language when he tried to realize his dream through a budding athlete. Akanksha Singh looked good in her role as the lover and wife who right from the beginning understood and supported her lover and husband. she showed the stress and pain silently without any dialogues between them. The silent understanding of Akanksha about her husband is shown in a novel manner. Krish Kurup of Goli Soda fame played the role of a young athlete to perfection. Mime Gopi played the role of the former coach while Brahmaji played his role to perfection. Prakash Raj is apt in the role of the father of Aadi Pinisetty in motivating and inspiring him. Nassar did the role of the cunning president of SAI in a cool manner.

Ilayaraja's music is ok and BGM is good. The cinematography of Praveen Kumar is good. It could have been better especially while showing the sporting action. Editing is quite fine.


Aadi Pinisetty, Akanksha Singh




Lack of twists and turns

Rating Analysis

Aadi Pinisetty's Clap directed by Prithvi Aditya is a sincere and commendable attempt and could have been better but for the lack of uniqueness and missing elevation of the real sentiments. Considering all these points CJ goes with a 2.0 rating for Clap.

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