Cinema Chupista Mava Review

Cinema Chupista Mava Review
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Cinema Chupista Mava Review, What’s Behind: The cute pairing of Raj Tharun, Avika Gor in ‘Uyyala Jampala’ was taken so close to our Telugu hearts. The same hit pair is eager to repeat the same magic with this commercial flick of Trinadh Rao Nakkina. Title is so catchy and is a phrase lifted from super hit ‘Race Gurram’ song. Let us get into Cinema Chupistha Mava Review to know about remaining matter.

Cinema Chupista Mava Story: As the title suggests, it’s a cat and mouse game between a strict Mava (Rao Ramesh) and naughty Alludu (Raj Tharun). Story narration takes off on high note from Rao Ramesh, a quality duty minded officer in Medical Council narrates on how his sincere, academically high talented girl Parineeta (Avika Gor) falls for irresponsible useless stupid college dropout guy Kaththi (Raj Tharun). To get both of them hitched, Rao Ramesh challenges Kaththi to maintain his house for one month with all day to day expenses earned by Kaththi.

How Kaththi takes up the challenge? What are the obstacles posed by Mava in between? 

Cinema Chupista Mava Artists & Technicians: Known for youthful entertainer ‘Mem Vayasuku Vachcham,’ director Trinadh Rao Nakkina hoisted on simple and straight forward story with open screenplay for this flick. Plot is kept wide and open with no twists, turns and easy predictability. It’s the lively narration and quick flow of scenes kept the viewers intrigued. Direction wise, Trinadh Rao Nakkina did a good job despite sparse production resources to dispose. Major highlight of ‘Cinema Chupista Mava’ is the dialogue writing from Prasanna Kumar Bejawada. Viewers are wined and dined for Trivikram kind of punches throughout. Numerous instances modeled and re-modeled from ‘Ramayana, Mahabharatha’ established this writer as a new talent to look at. Sekhar Chandra’s music is good for a couple of songs, Folk composition of title song oozed in power while ‘Pilli Kalla Pilla’ sounded new. Background score is fine. Sai Sreeram’s camera work is button-down conventional. Nowhere does the screen get illuminated with extra zing. May be low production values pulled the cinematography standards a step down. Karthika Srinivas editing is also a fine work helping the main theme to flow smoothly. Lucky Media and Aryath Cine Entertainers production values are frayed. The film seems to have been wrapped in meager budget.

Raj Tharun is a youngster high on spirit. His vivacity bombarded the screen with dangerous energy levels. Though Raviteja’s body language imitations are visible in many scenes, Raj Tharun dominated the presence of all other artists. Dialogue diction, dances, stunts and emotions, he is at ease. If Raj Tharun is huge plus, the odd plump look of Avika Gor is a drawback. It’s hard to believe on how a guy like Raj Tharun falls flat for the looks of Avika Gor in the story. Avika needs to correct her imperfections before they prove detrimental. Rao Ramesh’s role sums up a problem or confrontation into main plot. However, his romantic episodes with wife seemed unhealthy diluting the vigor in characterization. Jabardasth batch in Draupadi Vastraharan episodes evoked laughter. Among rest, Praveen and others were ok.

Cinema Chupista Mava Rating Analysis: With a hit pair Avika and Raj Tharun, first of all producer Bekkem Venugopal played a safe game with in his ambit. There are no where the signs of excessive production standards and struck firm to entertaining dialogue play. First half had low value on content. Raj Tharun made us glued at screen after Rao Ramesh began the narration from his point of view. College scenes are a boilerplate before heroine falls for hero. Again, Prasanna Kumar dialogues augmented the engagement factor. Interval is a regular garden variety Tollywood block. This completes first half on a satisfactory note providing the staging needed for second half to unveil. 

From here on, main lead character becomes heavy burdening on young and anemic looking Raj Tharun. Despite Rao Ramesh’s trustworthy presence tried to secure symmetry, low quality episodes spoofing ‘Kanchana’ damaged overall flow while Krishna Bhagawan’s presence is also comically wasted. Movie tends to dawdle forward with slackened scenes leading to a feeble climax. Posani is the key and he too cannot lift the play here. End titles roll on to connect the loose ends providing a logical salvation, it’s too late by then. 

Overall, ‘Cinema Chupista Mava’ can be a safe commercial venture for producers to absorb a section of audience yet it’s an average film of worth 2.5 stars. Raj Tharun’s energy and Prasanna Kumar Bejawada’s dialogues outshined the rest.

Cinema Chupista Mava Cinejosh Verdict: Routine, Loose Time Pass.

Cinema Chupista Mava Rating: 2.5/5.0

                                                                                                  Reviewed by Srivaas

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