Chuttalabbayi Review

Chuttalabbayi Review
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Chuttalabbayi Review, What’s Behind: Like in our last review when we spoke about hero Sushant, same is the present situation of hero Aadi who is attacking the Box Office searching for one single hit. Teamed with ‘Bhai’ fame Veerabhadram Chowdary and heroine Namitha Pramod, this time Aadi came as ‘Chuttalabbayi’ pinning many hopes on his father Sai Kumar playing a lengthy character. Let us see, how great the movie was?

Chuttalabbayi Story: Babji (Aadi) is a HDFC Bank Loans recovery agent in Hyderabad applying his brain and arm power recovering the hard pending loans. Mistakenly and unexpectedly, Babji and Kavya (Namitha Pramod) meet couple of times outside thus raising a doubt for ACP Gautham Krishna (Abhimanyu Singh) that both of them are in love. Kavya is none other than Gautham Krishna’s sister. In search for freedom, one day Kavya runs away from home only to meet Babji en-route. They both catch a train chased by Gautham Krishna’s men on one side and a villain gang on other side. However, they land up in Dora Babu (Sai Kumar)’s village. Who is Dora Babu and what is his relation with Babji? When did Babji and Kavya fell in love? What’s the climax for their love story?

Chuttalabbayi Artists and Technicians: Yet again, Veerabhadram Chowdary showed classic examples on why he is called a flop director after that disastrous ‘Bhai.’ In a desperate attempt to make a comeback and give life for Aadi, he made ‘Chuttalabbayi’ based on a well known and safe formula with null innovation. Problem with this movie is again a poorly written screen play where scenes roll one by one with no basic purpose and zero engaging factor. All those episodes which are meant to generate comedy go haywire proving to be disgusting. Right from scene one, everything goes on predictable lines keeping the excitement to ground. Despite a poor story and weak script, Veerabhadram never took a chance to lift the narration quality. Hero and Heroine – Heroine Family and Hero Family; finally a villain group in between to tie them all pushing for climax is the loose principle. Shot composing is one at its very bad for which both director and cameraman has to be blamed enough. Writing department from Bhavani Prasad concentrated more on rhyming the words at the result of serious episodes becoming really silly. Thaman gave one of the easily forgettable songs and RR. Camera cranked by S Arun Kumar made screen to fill with odd color combinations straining the eyes. This is the new way to make a movie look colorful? SR Sekhar, is he the editor? Too many jerks and unbalanced jumps made the movie more loose-fitting. Venkat Talari and Ram Talluri managed good production values.

Aadi is a wholehearted and extremely sincere performer. He is falling short of stories, scripts and directors. One factor which made ‘Chuttalabbayi’ a bearable fare is Aadi’s presence. He was spontaneous in timing the comic punches with ease and action, dances wise Aadi is smart. Heroine Namitha Pramod is an utter disappointment. She isn’t glamorous and got a poorly etched character with no area to excel. Sai Kumar’s action introduction and later his character traverse are incompatible. Abhimanyu Singh is just below average and so is other villain John Kokken. This time Posani has got nothing to do with improperly written lines. Prudhvi as E Govardhan Reddy aka Ego Reddy entertained to an extent. Ali comes during last portions to provide some respite. Shakalaka Shankar and Chammak Chandra were just ok. Raghu Babu, Annapurna and others made their presence felt.

Chuttalabbayi Rating Analysis: Post ‘Bhai,’ the only hope Veerabhadram had was on this film. Numerous times he promised of delivering a hit product this time. However, it is sure a false promise because ‘Chuttalabbayi’ nowhere maintained a hit mark in overall run. Following a familiar commercial template, he depended on heroic introduction followed by meeting a heroine before taking us into the major conflict by bringing a family centric romantic track. In between Chowdary placed a few forcible comic scenes where he failed miserably. With a predictable story and regular comedy, Aadi alone suffered to lift the movie from the brink of drowning away. In fact, none of the technical departments seems to have worked as a team too.

After Aadi’s enticing introduction and stylishly canned song, movie goes on to back seat with heroine entry. Abhimanyu Singh and his team were so pale looking to carry the narration forward. Prudhvi tried to salvage the proceedings with his comic timing but wasn’t free flowing because of weak writing. Hero, heroine boarding a train with logics tossed and a silly bathroom track followed by Prudhvi made a bakra takes us close to interval block. OMG, who will call this as interval?

Second half, entry of Sai Kumar raised our hopes. But, Veerabhadram did not spare. He made the later portions really boring. Every character behaves erratically pushing audience into further troubles. Those portions which really should have been impeccable in the process realization in real love, Namitha Pramod’s weak stature and inferior performance bumped the film into deeper valleys. Ali as KK Consultancy head was bearable at pre climax and climax was ruthlessly formulaic.

In total, Veerabhadram let down Aadi with a tame script and uninspiring direction. With clichéd narration and ineffective hilarity, ‘Chuttalabbayi’ is safely an escapable film for the weekend. Cinejosh feels pity for Aadi to rate with 2 stars waiting for overall commercial verdict.

Chuttalabbayi Cinejosh Verdict: Tediously Bland!

                                                        Chuttalabbayi Cinejosh Rating: 2.0/5.0

                                                                                         Reviewed by Srivaas

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