Chi La Sow Review

Chi La Sow Review
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Director: Rahul Ravindran
Producer: Jaswanth Nadipalli, Nagarjuna
Release Date: Fri 03rd Aug 2018
Actors: Sushanth
Chi La Sow Rating: 3 / 5
Chi La Sow Punchline: Mature Love Story

Chi La Sow Review, What’s Behind:

Rahul Ravindran, we know him as a handsome actor who came up with some decent projects. But, he ventured into direction fulfilling his long dream. Interestingly, he chose Sushanth who is yet to score the first hit. Chi La Sow is backed by complete Akkineni family including Nagarjuna, Naga Chaitanya and Samantha. After the trailer hiked expectations, will this new age movie reach the expectations? Let’s go into the actual review part.

Chi La Sow Story Review:

Arjun (Sushanth) is a confused, frustrated youngster not in a mood to marry until all his ambitions are fulfilled. Finally, he accepts to meet Anjali (Ruhani Sharma) on a condition. Soon he changes opinion on marriage after meeting Anjali who has few personal issues because of which many guys reject her. However Anjali can’t decide whether to go ahead and marry Arjun, thanks to Arjun's confusion at life. What are the lessons both have learnt in their one day journey together? Will they finally marry? What are the reasons stopping Anjali to take a decision? We need to watch the film to find the answers for all these questions…

Chi La Sow Artists, Technicians Review:

Romantic family entertainers always enjoy public adoration when made interestingly and narrated engagingly with ample entertainment. Whenever audience find a subject and film refreshing, realistic, authentic and honest at emotions from start till end, nothing stops it.

Chi La Sow makes you laugh at times and turn emotional other times. Debutant Rahul Ravindran’s storytelling keeps us glued to characterizatons till the end, though there were few dull moments here n there. While the story was simple, screenplay weaved was tight. Dialogues are sensible and direction is sophisticated, never looked like a first timer. Clarity at thought and conviction at execution helped Rahul to have a promising debut.

Prashanth R Vihari provided a new gist to visuals with wonderful background score. Cinematography by M Sukumar is spotless. Production values are rich for the budget invested.

Onto artists, Sushanth is definitely not the one who looked boring, numb in his previous films. This Chi La Sow character connects instantly right from his introduction shot as a frustrated guy and his path towards wedding. In fact, you will find Arjun and not Sushanth. There is good stuff in the concept as long conversations, different expressions threw a challenge to Sushanth and he came out good. Ruhani Sharma is not a stunning beauty yet apt for the role of an average looking girl with pimples on face, independent and responsible. Rohini is gem of an actor who pulled off the role effortlessly as heroine's mom. In fact, she dominated proceedings whenever on screen. Anu Haasan is decent in a brief role. Vennela Kishore will amaze you with his impeccable comedy timing, as usual. Jayaprakash make his presence felt in a single episode. Other artists too played their part. 

Chi La Sow Review Advantages:

Simple Story

First Half



Vennela Kishore Comedy

Chi La Sow Review Drawbacks:

Second Half 

Slow Narrative

Chi La Sow Review Rating Analysis:

Chi La Sow story reminds us of Pelli Choopulu at one point of time. Neew age rom-coms are all the same representing current youth and their attitudes. Chi La Sow is a different film with its own strengths. Rahul dealt the subject very convincingly, did good job in choicing right artists and technicians. Of course, there are ups and downs in narration but they don't bore you for long because of  characters sympathized.

Movie starts off on good note introducing Sushanth's characterization. His disinterest towards marriage, avoiding the same topic from parents is neatly presented. Scenes on Sushanth spending time with friend Vennela Kishore turned out rib tickling. He amuses in couple of scenes including that of sending love letter to entire staff including males. The idea of Anu tricking her son Sushanth meet Ruhani is smart. Here is where Chi La Sow reminds us of trend set film Pelli Choopulu but finds its own track when Ruhani narrates her family background. After the brief flashback, Sushanth's feeling of missing Ruhani exhibited the craftsmanship in Rahul so pleasingly. Follow up scene towards interval where Ruhani's shocking decision made whole first half meaty and absorbing.

Latter part begins on a dull note with Sushanth's ways to please Ruhani. Robbery episode, police station scene are feeble. Never mind, Sushanth carries injured Ruhani on his arms is romantic. On the other hand, Vennela Kishore disturbing a married woman for orange juice is the best part of hilarity. Bringing in logical depth  to move towards end, Sushanth’s conversation with Jayaprakash and Rohini in two different episodes are worthwhile. Chi La Sow ends on a happy note as pre-climax, climax portions are also worthwhile. On an ending note... like Anand or Pelli Choopulu, even Chi La Sow projects women in dignified, independent and self respect light than that of skin centered characters. That's a highly meaningful thought.

All in all, Chi La Sow is a best pick for targeted romantic movie lovers among families, youth for its fresh treatmemt, contemporary approach. The film might spring a surprise in urban centers. CJ goes with 3 stat rating for good team work, especially Rahul Ravindran’s first time writing and first rate taking.


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