Charulatha Review

Charulatha Review
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Behind the Movie Charulatha: Actress Priyamani is a wonderful performer and away from glamorous roles, she has picked this project to prove her talent. Director Pon Kumaran handling this subject of conjoined twins, let us see what is Charulatha all about?

In the Movie Charulatha: As per small flashback in the concept, Charu and Latha are conjoined (Siamese) twins. From very childhood days, they live in Vizag for each other and their mother (Saranya) is happy for the two. Coming to present, Charu (Priyamani) is living in Srinagar and is getting ready to marry the boy friend Ravi (Saknda). All of a sudden, Charu receives the call from Vizag that her mother is critically ill. 

Leaving Ravi in Srinagar, Charu takes the flight to Vizag and lands at her home where the dead Latha’s (Priyamani) soul starts haunting her. Feared of life, Charu takes help of Doctor (Seetha) and Tantric (Ravi Shankar) to seal the evil spirit. Here comes a twist when Ravi, who comes to Vizag knows actual truth that Charu was dead during the operation for conjoined twins and Latha is the one who is alive. Then whose soul is haunting whom? What is the actual flash back of Charu and Latha? How did Latha and Ravi get united in climax is rest.

Values and Out of the Movie Charulatha: More than the concept, it is the cinematography of Paneer Selvam which is good in the film. Director Pon Kumaran has fell flat in execution. Neither did he generate the tempo nor the excitement needed in narration. Movie runs at dead slow speed testing the patience of viewers. One or two episodes where audience could have felt the chill but that too were wasted. Sundar C Babu’s background score is vibrating. However, when there is no grip in storytelling everything goes futile. One thing that needs worth to mention is the camera techniques used to show the conjoined twins of Priyamani are nearer to reality. Editing by Don Max could have been still better. Production values of Global One Studios are good.

Performance wise Priyamani steals the show single handedly. She has definitely shown the variations in two characterizations of Charu and Latha. This could be simply, one more film which showcases how brilliant actress she is. Skanda is just okay while Saranya and Ravi Shankar did their parts well. There are very less number of characters in the subject as entire concept revolves around only the two characters of Priyamani. 

Technically, Charulatha is a good attempt by makers. When it comes to commercial output, there is no way this film will work a minimum of wonders. For Priyamani, who is in dire need for a break through to her career may have to wait for the next! Basic problems with the movie is lacking in depth and misjudgment in concept. Pon Kumaran has delivered a very poor movie by any standards of Telugu audience. In simple, this is a confused concept which went wrong throughout. Neither this is a suspense thriller nor a horror flick nor an emotional saga of Siamese twins. 

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Charulatha: Except Priyamani, there is nothing in this.     

                                                                                                        Reviewed by Srivaas

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