Chanakya Review

Chanakya Review
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Director: Thiru
Producer: Rama Brahmam Sunkara
Release Date: Sat 05th Oct 2019
Actors: Gopichand
Chanakya Rating: 2.5 / 5
Chanakya Punchline: Disappointing Spy Thriller

Chanakya Review, What’s Behind?

Gopichand is in desperate need of a hit. He teamed up with Tamil director Thiru who is known for making action thrillers. Did the duo succeed in their mission to thrill Telugu audience with the spy thriller Chanakya? Let’s discuss in the actual review part.

Chanakya Story Review:

An undercover RAW Marshall Arjun (Gopichand) leads a team of five agents and with 100% success rate he is a connoisseur in capturing terrorists. In order to maintain secrecy over his identity, Arjun works at a bank and goes by the name Ramakrishna. Aishwarya (Mehreen Pirzada), a prime customer of the bank falls in love with Arjun. Meanwhile, as a counter to the killing of an ISI leader, the agency chief Ibrahim Qureshi (Rajesh Khattar) and his son Sohail (Upen Patel) kidnap four boys in Arjun’s group. When higher officials are averse to take the risk, Arjun neglecting the orders from his boss dares to go Karachi, bring back his friends home safely. Will the mission Chanakya be accomplished?

Chanakya Artists, Technicians Review:

It was widely speculated that, Chanakya is rip-off of Hindi hit Ek Tha Tiger. Yes, partly the film has shades of the Salman Khan starrer. In the original, the romance part was also enchanting, wherein Thiru used his creative brain just for some key episodes and action sequences. Romantic track indeed is the most boring part in Chanakya with lack of freshness in the scenes and routine comedy. The covert operation in the beginning, interval bang and few twists in the second half add to positives, whereas the list of negatives is big. Vishal Chandrasekhar has provided mediocre sound tracks and background score was also disenchanting. Marthand K Venkatesh included bunch of unnecessary episodes which kill the interest. Vetri Palanisamy’s camera work was top-notch. Production values of AK Entertainments are good in standard.

Onto performances, Gopichand looked good and fit to play the role of a RAW Agent, though he steals the show with wonderful performance. He was too good in action part. Mehreen Pirzada looked glamorous in an insignificant role. Zareen Khan oozed oomph and she was given better scope but wasted opportunity. Nassar is regular; Rajesh Khattar and Upen Patel did not make strong impact. Sunil fails another time to offer comedy.

Chanakya Review Advantages:


Few Twists

Take Off

Body Double Concept

Chanakya Review Drawbacks:

Outdated Story

Tedious Screenplay

Romantic Track

Unhealthy Comedy


Songs Placement

Chanakya Review, Rating Analysis:

Every film has its own soul or an emotion on which the entire story is cooked up. Films with strong emotion will always connect to audience. Coming to Chanakya, the film lacked the strong and emotionally connecting point. In patriotic films, protagonist will always fight for his country, not just for his family or friends. Director Thiru missed this logic as his focus was only on offering few twists in between.

First half begins on bang with Gopichand and team conducting a secret operation to nab a terrorist leader in Syria. That’s it. After the very interesting take off, the story becomes monotonous from here on with unpleasant romantic track and meandering comedy. Only towards the interval, things come back on track, but it was too late.

Latter half is all about Gopichand entering Karachi off the record to save his friends from the ISI batch. The process of Gopichand meeting the RAW team in Pakistan was a routine stuff. However, the body double revelation brings back some interest. The action episodes in between are astonishing. Then, movie ends with another twist which actually doesn’t give completeness to the film and our crave for more is not served.

Al in all, Chanakya is another routine spy thriller with few twists here and there. Gopichand played his part efficiently and visuals looked grand. But, all the efforts go in vain because of the poor writing and execution. The director did not get much assistance from the technical team as well. CJ goes with 2.5 stars and the film may not give any competition to the mammoth Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy starring Chiranjeevi.

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