Chammak Challo Review

Chammak Challo Review
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Behind the Movie Chammak Challo: Neelakanta is rated as talented director due to his past record of some wonderful Award winning and artistic films. This time, he is here with a commercial romantic subject and a catchy title. The flop star Varun Sandesh is joined with Sanchita Padukone and Catherine Teresa. Let us see, what is so glowing in this?

In the Movie Chammak Challo: Director Kishore (Avasarala Srinivas) aspiring to make a film on fresh love concept meets up Communication Professor Appa Rao (Sayaji Shinde) who narrates a true life story of two love birds Shyam (Varun Sandesh) and Anshu (Sanchita Padukone). They also happen to be the students of Appa Rao and fall in love under his influence during the college days. Once they get engaged with both the families agreeing for marriage, Shyam gets a software job in Bangalore. There, he meets up most fascinating Team Leader and of course, the dream girl Sunaina (Catherine Teresa). In the process of hanging out with Sunaina, Shyam begins to ignore Anshu and even forgets her birthday. Now, Anshu is no more ready to share the life with Shyam. What kind of screenplay did Director Kishore give for the happy ending of Shyam & Anshu's love story using Appa Rao is the rest.

Values of the Movie Chammak Challo: Frankly speaking, the beautiful cum broad smile of Sanchita and hot sex appeal of Catherine along with few funny moments of Vennela Kishore as Software Rajesh are the only savior for this 2+ hours of boring narration. There was no where to see the usual spark of Neelakanta. There was a silly story, unintelligent screneplay and dumb direction. When dealing an inane subject on commercial format, how can Neelakanta forget to add the necessary humor content? Dialoues were completely daffy and audience will easily sink into a sleep with atrociously slow pace. Nagi Reddy's Editing and Gopinath Gogineni's Camera Work are below average. Music by Kiran Varanasi was just good for title song and 'Simple Gaa Cheppaala.'  Prouction values of DS Rao and Sailendra Movies were also bad.

Performance wise, Varun has just duplicated his character with similar shades of 'Yemaindi Ee Vela.' He looks more lean and was irritative in some episodes with gruesome body language. Sanchita is less in color with expressive eyes and strong face features. She has portrayed some cute expressions. Catherine is red hot with fresh sex appeal to exploit. Better, some top directors look at her. However, she enters only in second half to provide relief and increase the momentum. Sayaji Shinde, Avasarala Srinivas were so artificial. Vennela Kishore was good. Brahmaji as father to Varun Sandesh is a stupid idea and Surekha Vani acted as his wife. There was one more funny 'Naththi' character in college scenes to generate few laughs. Chinmayi of 'LBW' fame had a cameo appearance.

Out of the Movie Chammak Challo: Right from the scene one, patrons begin to feel the boredom. Once college scenes with Sayaji Shinde and lead star cast begin with an extension in the form of Kadapa tour, frustration begins to build up. By interval, romantic track becomes so insipd and a section of public might even think of running away from theatres. Thanks to Varun's shifting to Bangalore and entry of Catherine brings some spice. 

Neelakanta seems to have lost his judgment to select this kind of ghoulish story and distressing screenplay. At least, we expect one or two good dialogues and he failed to live on expectations on that front even. So, second half is far better than first half. None of the casting had a minimum hold on maintaining an emotional connect and they were mere machines rendering the lines. More sinful was adding of two lip kisses in non-sync episodes. Finally, 'Chammak Challo' could end up as one week movie with disappointing show from both Neelakanta and Varun Sandesh. 

A strange comment heard in theatre is, this kind of movies are just made only to make some money from Satellite Rights and nothing more.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Chammak Challo: Neelakanta Spoils His Brand.

                                                             Cinejosh Rating: 2/5

                                                                                                               Reviewed by Srivaas

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