Chakra Review

Chakra Review
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Director: MS Anandan
Producer: Vishal Film Factory
Release Date: Sat 20th Feb 2021
Actors: Vishal
Chakra Rating: 2.5 / 5
Chakra Punchline: Middling Thriller

Chakra Review, What’s Behind?

Very few Tamil stars have good market in Telugu and Vishal is one amongst them. His film Chakra was made of an interesting topic of cybercrime. Shraddha Srinath played leading lady and Regina Cassandra played a crucial role. Will Chakra provide another hit to Vishal in Telugu?

Chakra Story Review:

Nearly 50 robberies take place in the city on Independence Day, targeting the homes of only senior citizens. IPS Officer Gayathri (Shraddha Srinath) is assigned to resolve the case. She realizes that the house of her army major boyfriend Chandru (Vishal) is also among the houses robbed. Chandru also finds that the robbers have also loot his late father's Ashok Chakra medal in addition to attacking his grandmother (KR Vijaya). How he catches the mastermind behind all the crimes in the city forms crux of the story.

Chakra Artists, Technicians Review:

Director Anandan has followed a pattern that though story progresses at slow pace, he tried to give a racy look and feel to the narration with the fast edit pattern. However, most of the scenes are foreseeable. The backstory lacks emotional connect, though the constant mind game between hero and villain brings some relief. Starting from Vishal taking over the investigation to the way he tracks down the criminals, the whole thing happens opportunely. Anandan showed his immaturity in dealing a subject that needed race screenplay with proper cat and mouse game between the protagonist and antagonist. Writing part was one of the weakest points. However, the film got excellent support from the technical team. Background score of Yuvan Shankar Raja and cinematography by Balasubramanium stand out. Editor Thiyagu tried hard to help to give racy feel to the film. Production values of Vishal Film Factory are remarkable.

Onto artists, Vishal did his job convincingly. He played an action-packed role and he is exceptional in action sequences. Particularly the jail fight is one of the biggest attractions of the film. Shraddha Srinath, unlike her girl-next-door roles played a police officer and she is cool. Regina Cassandra is a surpise package, but she is not up to the mark. KR Vijaya appears in a small role and Robo Shankar’s one-liners are torturous. Rest of the cast is mostly Tamil faces.

Chakra Review Advantages:


Few Thrilling Elements



Chakra Review Drawbacks:


Sluggish Narration

Loopholes In Script

Cinematic Liberty

Weak Writing

Chakra Review Rating Analysis:

The basic plotline of the film reminds us of Vishal’s previous film Abhimanyudu. In fact, there are many similarities between the story as well as the investigation process. However, most of the scenes are predictable. Moreover, unlike in Abhimanyudu, the antagonist here in Chakra is not powerful. In addition, the backstory isn’t convincing. The film is more engrossed on brief thrills.

The film begins with a lengthy sequence of series of robberies in the city on the Independence Day. The residences where only senior citizens stayed at that particular time are targeted and nearly 7 Cr is robbed from 50 odd houses. Shraddha Srinath takes in charge, but she takes the help of her army boyfriend which sounds illogical. The real game begins as Vishal makes entry and deals the case in his style. It’s more like cat and rat game between the hero and the villain. Dial Your Help utility service episode is one of the most interesting parts. It’s intermission with revelation of identity of the mastermind behind the crimes in the city.

Second half begins on tedious note with the mind game taking next level. The flashback episodes lacked emotional connectivity and a weak point kills the interest. We repeatedly see the antagonist committing mistakes and anywhere does this character come across as an arduous threat to the protagonist. Moreover, the much hyped climax sequence also looked okayish.

All in all, Chakra is a decent thriller with many resemblances to Abhimanyudu in terms of story and narration. Vishal shines in his role and the technical team’s support made it a decent watch. CJ goes with 2.5 star rating and we recommend you to watch if you love cybercrime thrillers.


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