Chakkiligintha Review

Chakkiligintha Review
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Behind the Movie Chakkiligintha: Sukumar’s close aide Vema Reddy’s debut directorial and pairing of Sumanth Ashwin, Rehana along with Mickey’s music made this film a bigger beauty in this week’s releases. Let us see, how hilarious is this youthful romance?

In the Movie Chakkiligintha: Film takes off introducing MIT College boys, girls in love flying like love birds flushing colours all over. One strong psychological find out is, boys are here only to fulfil the day to day needs of girls surprising them with gifts, taking them on outings and blah blah. Entry of Adi (Sumanth Ashwin) with ‘Avoid Girls’ concept leads to a complete change in college atmosphere. Girls now began to feel bereft and look for a solution. Thus enters Avanthika aka Avi (Rehana) to teach Adi a lesson. Their main ploy is to trap Adi in love and bring the change in attitude of boys for ignoring the girls. The game which starts on a malicious purpose takes a serious romantic turn when Adi really starts admiring Avi while egoistic Avi neglects. Finally, what kind of solution did Adi find for Avi is rest!

Values & Out of the Movie Chakkiligintha: On the outset of knowing Sukumar as the best and most complicated directors in this generation, Vema Reddy debuts to beat Sukku’s level of standards. A simple and straight point with stable justification is made complex and haywire with Vema Reddy’s extraaaas. Viewers are offered with brain teasing and time eating situations in the play of boys and girls egoistic clashes. Vema Reddy definitely has that out of box thinking brain like Sukku. Question is how far we are ready to digest this junk stuff? The quizzing on superiority of boys and girls desires an effective presentation. Vema Reddy’s unpredictable human senses resulted in erratum. His characterizations behave deviant and atypical at different situations. Thus are the scripting standards. Direction wise Vema Reddy fails to register a positive mark. Jayant Panuganti’s dialogues are philosophical in touch. Mickey J Meyer showed his regular class touch in songs and BGM. Sai Sreeram’s cinematography is top notch and real oxygen for the film to survive. Karthika Srinivas editing could have trimmed the second half. Production values of Mahi are high class.

Regarding performance, Sumanth Ashwin got a meaty role with plenty of shades. In the beginning, he did a good job preaching ‘Avoid Girls’ theory. The energy and pomp in his character did not carry on. There was a minimal change in his body language while dealing the chemistry with heroine on mission. His acting feat moves off on a straight line with all the emotions sounding on same tempo. Rehana is an expressive beauty and suited well besides a lean Sumanth. She delivered a neat performance. Viva Harsha, Thagubothu Ramesh and entire college gang struck to their roles. Appaji, Surekha Vani as Rehana’s parents did fine job. Raghu Nandan, Chaitanya were in important characters.

‘Chakkiligintha’ is a bizarre product from Vema Reddy. Men like Sukku and Vema Reddy need a moderator to control their creative urge. Bundles of writing might have gone in designing the characterizations. However, when they stay unconnected with patrons in theatre, total hard work goes into drain without a purpose. From critics’ point of view, ‘Chakkiligintha’ is an innovative pick yet the immaturity of Vema Reddy in understanding the pulse of Telugu audience is distinctly visible. 

Whatsoever, Vema Reddy was a confused man for sure. The high IQ shown in driving the first half went missing in second half. All of a sudden, an Einstein like Vema Reddy in first half is transformed into a text book follower in second half. Characters lose their strength and narration goes on bumpy lines. So, the unmatched cocktail goes without a kick. 

Finally, ‘Chakkiligintha’ could have been a good product if the subject is dealt by somebody other than Vema Reddy. Except confusing the viewers, he is left with no big purpose. Although targeted mainly at multiplex public, ‘Chakkiligintha’ fails in its reach.

Cinejosh Verdict of Chakkiligintha: Vema Reddy Complicated Than Sukumar.

                                                     Cinejosh Rating: 2.25/5

                                                                                  Reviewed by Srivaas

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