Care Of Kancherapalem Review

Care Of Kancherapalem Review
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Director: Venkatesh Maha
Producer: Vijaya Praveena Paruchuri, Rana Daggubati
Release Date: Fri 07th Sep 2018
Actors: Subba Rao
Care Of Kancherapalem Rating: 3.25 / 5
Care Of Kancherapalem Punchline: Library Piece Of Indian Cinema

Care Of Kancherapalem Review, What’s Behind:

Telugu audience of late are showing interest on films narrated with realistic touch. Care Of Kancherapalem is also promoted as a rustic and realistic movie. This has become talk of the town ever since Rana Daggubati came forward to take the promotions on next step. Let’s see how far this will appeal to all the sections of audience.

Care Of Kancherapalem Story Review:

Story narrates four love stories of four people of different age groups living in a village called Kancherapalem. 49 year old bachelor Raju (Subba Rao), an attender at Government Office receives marriage proposal from widowed superior Radha (Radha Bessy) who hails from Odisha. A middle aged man Geddam (Mohan Bhagat), working in a wine shop is obsessed with eyes of a mysterious lady Saleema (Vijaya Praveena Paruchuri) who happens to be a prostitute. A local rowdy Joseph (Karthik Ratnam) in his teens working at a gym falls flat for a Brahmin girl Bhargavi (Praneetha Patnaik). School student Sundaram (Kesava Karri) has fascination towards class mate Sunitha whom he encourages to sing favorite song on Independence Day. Where all these four love stories end forms the crux.

Care Of Kancherapalem Artists, Technicians Review:

Director Venkatesh Maha apparently took realistic inspiration to pen four different love stories in single backdrop. All the stories are fresh and patrons are engaged all through, travelling with all four characters. This is the best form of  realistic story-telling in recent times. Maha didn’t unnecessarily add commercial elements as good fun is generated with characters, their behaviors and superb situations inherently. Maha indeed weaved magic with his non-linear screenplay. If at all the same story was narrated linearly, it would have become another regular film like Premam. Fortunately, director got excellent technical team that has put heart n soul into the making. Maha showed extreme command in designing each scene and that's the quality of a passionate maker. Cinematographers Varun Chaphekar and Aditya Javvadi went regular blocks on a valid reason because films of this gene demand simplicity. Sweekar Agasthi provided situational tunes while his work on BGM is praiseworthy. Editing by Ravi Teja Girijala needs a special mention. All the stories got equal screen share and appealed equally good, thanks for editing team. Production values are perfect for a low budget film. Ran Daggubati will remain long in good books or Indian cinema for backing Kancharapalem.

Onto artists, everyone gave their best. In fact, they never behaved like artists as we feel like watching a set of people in a village doing their regular chores and camera is placed unknowingly. We can’t particularly specify one actor or other. Every one is exceptional. Each and every artist lived in their respective roles. We love their innocence and fall in line with their behaviour from very first scene. Our heart beats to meet each of them in personal... such is the scale of sympathy generated.

Care Of Kancherapalem Review Advantages:






Care Of Kancherapalem Review Drawbacks:

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Care Of Kancherapalem Review Rating Analysis:

Every one of us have love stories or maybe atleast infatuations at different level of our age like during ducation or work place. Greatness of Kancharapalem is that we all will connect to at least one of the four characters and recall our love story at certain age. Kudos to sensibly matured writing and reliably relatable character designing by Venkatesh Maha.

Movie starts with introduction of Raju, an old man and a bachelor for his own reasons who is  a butt of jokes for his villagers. Their views on marriage brought lots of chuckles, wonderful writing indeed. Inquiry on his manhood and doubts on whether he is a gay isn't filthy but had a point to  register with character. Maha's command on rural language to pen dialogues worked well. Humor generated will connect instantly. Raju’s love track is truly matured.

Geddam's adoration towards anonymous lady and mansion house is also well etched. Reason explained here for love story to take a twist is authentic. Conditions this lady puts in front of Geddam evaluate real character and mindset of males.

Love bars all the cultural boundaries and religius fences. Our society never accepta this if their daughter loves someone from other caste or religion. Yes, religion becomes a barrier for love story of a Brahmin girl and a Christian guy. Her dad has no qualms to make professional business deals with other caste but has reservations on daughter's marriage. The moment Joseph knows shocking fact towards end of this love story makes us turn emotional.

We may not call it as a love story if a school boy develops fondness towards girl of his class. But, boys at that age do things which girl likes the most. Sundaram-Sunitha’s track certainly is fascinating. Attitude of conventional fathers and modern day daughters in this track represent a middle class father who takes utmost care of his children despite limited resources.

While all the characters develop positive signs from their partners towards interval, movie ends with an unexpected twist which will blow your minds for sure. Second half though slows down at times with pathos, it's climax remains long haunting.

All in all, Care Of Kancherapalem is a must watch for those who love realistic treatment. You are sure to connect with one or more love stories. CJ goes with 3.25 star rating for Maha's exceptional writing and brilliant taking. Hope, film's of this type will enjoy commercial success. Yet, Kancharapalem will remain care of address for good Telugu films in Indian Cinema.


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