Captain Movie Review

Captain Movie Review
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Director: Shakthi Soundarrajan
Producer: Arya
Release Date: Thu 08th Sep 2022
Actors: Arya
Captain Rating: 1 / 5
Captain Punchline: Abstain.

What's Behind

Arya is known for his macho looks and different entertainers. His film Captain directed by Shakti Soudarrajan is releasing on September 8, 2022. Let us find out how it fared at the box office.

Story Review

Captain movie is all about how an army person takes fights an external creature. Captain Vijay Kumar (Arya) who implements the tactics of the Army to eliminate the enemy following (Identity, Fight, Weakness, Deceive, Sacrifice) fails in his mission at Sector 42 in the North East Region. He was demoted from combat to training after the mission resulted in the loss of his friend Karthik ( (Harish Uthaman). However, he gets a second chance when doctor Keerthi (Simran) gets him back to on the mission at Sector 42 using her influence with Defence Minister Rajiv Chakravarthy. To find out what is the Sector 42 mission, how Army General Raja (Aditya Menon) is connected to the secret and mysterious happenings, watch Captain movie on the screen.


Captain movie is inspired by many Hollywood films. Director Shakti Soundarrajan tried to thrill movie lovers by showing an army man fighting an invisible creature. He drew inspiration from Hollywood film Predator which thrilled movie lovers in the 80s and also films like Ram Gopal Varma's Agyaat. Though the idea excites all, to emerge successful, one needs a lot of twists and turns to thrill the viewers. However right from the start till the finish, the story of Captain offered none of them.

The film turned out to be a tedious watch as Shakthi Soundarajan failed with his story, screenplay, and direction.  He came up with a weak script and from then on it has been a complete freefall. The film missed many logics and to the top of it, missed the emotions. Nothing in the narration excites all and people are clueless as to what's going on. A look at the screen, one gets a feeling that even the actors are clueless and they just passed through the motions not knowing what to do in front of the camera. The climax turned out to be even more silly and ridiculous.

Arya is known for his terrific performances but one wonders what made him sign this film and chose this role with excitement. The film and role offered nothing for him and Arya failed with his expressions. Even he failed to show basic emotions and it seems he was at a loss of words and actions. Aishwarya Lekshmi got a limited role and Simran is just ok. Others like Raj Bharath,Gokulnath,Thiagarajan,Malavika Avinash,Aditya Menon couldn't do anything.

When the director himself failed completely come up with a lousy script and the story, it will be difficult for the technical team to up the tempo. Everything fell apart and the first to talk about is the so-called VFX and the creature. The so-called alien creature looked like a caricature and the VFX looked worse than below par. They are so substandard that even soap operas could have come up with better CGI and VFX. Music and songs turned out to be speed breakers and D.Imman's background score did not make any impact. Cinematography and editing are below standards. Production values are bad.



Arya's presence






Rating Analysis

When Shakti Soundarrajan narrated Captain's plot to Arya, he must have got excited thinking of Hollywood blockbuster Predator. But never did he realize that Shakti Soundarrajan turned out to be his predator and eat up all the accolades he got with Sarpatta. The film turned out to be an insult to the Predator and it is better the makers stop talking about the film. The film lacked a basic plot and it tests the patience of the viewers with no real twists and turns. Shakti Soundrarajan failed on all fronts. Cinejosh goes with a 1 rating for Captain movie.

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