Butterfly Review

Butterfly Review
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Director: Ghanta Sathish Babu
Producer: Ravi Prakash Bodapati, Prasad Tiruvalluri, Pradeep
Release Date: Thu 29th Dec 2022
Actors: Anupama Parameswaran, Nihal Kodhaty, Bhumika Chawla, Rao Ramesh etc
Butterfly Movie Rating: 2 / 5
Punchline: Butterfly - Doesn't fly

Butterfly (2022) Movie : What's Behind

Anupama Parameswaran's Butterfly directed by Ghanta Satish Babu is streaming on Disney+Hotstar starting from 29th December 2022. The film's teasers and trailers created interest and let us findout whether it lived up to the expectations.

Butterfly (2022) : Story Review

The story of Butterfly is all about a kidnap drama and Struggle of a girl and how they fight for their rights. Popular lawyer Vyjayanthi (Bhumika Chawla) gets a shock when she returns from Delhi to find her two children kidnapped. Who is behind the kidnap, what role did her husband (Rao Ramesh) play, and how did her sister Geeta (Anupama Parameswaran) react form the crux of the developments?

Butterfly Movie : Artists Review

Anupama Parameswaran came up with a powerful performance. She showed the right kind of expressions and emotions in her role. Bhumika Chawla in her role made a strong presence. Nihal Kodati performed well showing the pain he feels for his lady love. Rao Ramesh is good in his role while Vennela Ramarao and Rachcha Ravi performed well.

Butterfly Movie : Technicians Review

The butterfly story of Ghanta Satish Babu highlights the ordeals of women in society. Satish Babu blended the thrilling elements with the message to society in an impressive way. The story of Butterfly is nothing new but Satish Babu tried to blend thrilling elements like saving the kidnapped girls and also highlighting that women are not secure in society to create an impact. While he has taken care of the story, the same cannot be said about his screenplay. There are many loopholes and this resulted in the screenplay going for a toss. He has taken his own sweet time in establishing the characters and then stated the real story only after an hour. However, from then on, the narration picks up the pace with interesting elements till the climax. He got the optimum out of the cast and crew and highlighted them on screen in an effective manner.

Sameer Reddy beautified the film with his cinematography. Arviz, Gideon Katta's background music is good. However, the songs turned out to be routine and at times hampered the film's flow. Editing is ok. Dialogues are good and effective. Production values are decent.

Butterfly Movie : Advantages

  • Anupama Parameswaran, Bhumika Chawla
  • Cinematography
  • BGM

Butterfly Movie : Disadvantages

  • Slow Pace
  • Lack of twists and thrills
  • Missing emotional connect
  • Cliched narration

Butterfly Movie : Rating Analysis

Altogether, Anupama Parameswaran's Butterfly directed by Ghanta Satish Babu attracted the attention of all with the teasers and trailers. Ghanta Satish Babu starts on the right earnest and beautifully highlighted the problems of women with few interesting elements. However, he failed to elevate the emotions in a powerful and impactful manner and viewers do not feel the pain even when the children get kidnapped. Cliched narration played spoilsport with the film. On top of it, the slow pace and the serious plot require a lot of patience. Viewers who like female-oriented films can enjoy them to some extent on OTT. Considering all these aspects Cinejosh goes with a 2 rating for Butterfly.

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