Bus Stop Review

Bus Stop Review
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Behind the Movie Bus Stop: Director Maruthi who is on high with the superb success of 'Ee Rojullo' has come up with this similar flavored project from the banner of producer Bellamkonda Suresh. Let us see, how far this 'BS' is successful?

In the Movie Bu Stop: Srinu (Prince) and Shalini aka Shailu (Sri Divya) are love birds separated during schooling on a silly issue. They again join in Degree College. Except Srinu, none of his friends in the youthful batch have a plan for future. Muthu (Sai Kumar Pampana), son of a Tiffin shop owner spends time in flirting girls changing SIM cards in his CELL Phone, Seema (Rakshita) dates with boys for her own benefits. When parents of Shailu, Seema, Muthu and others in this batch gets aware about the wrong track on which their children are traveling...what kind of decisions did they take? How and when did each of these youngsters understood the real value of life? How each of them remained as winners in their respective lives forms the rest. 

Values of the Movie Bus Stop: Core theme of Maruthi was a right mix of youth ingredients with neat message for parents. As usual, Maruthi's expertise in catching the pulse of youth audience was key for 'Bus Stop.' No where did Maruthi's screenplay, dialogues and direction will bore you. Of course, Maruthi is branded for Adult and Vulgar comedy with double meaning dialogues. He will further establish this brand with 'BS.' In fact, Maruthi has simply projected the lives of a small youth batch with different immature mentalities common in college age. Cinematography by Prabhaskar Reddy is a neat work going by the word of just Canon 5D camera they have used for canning entire film. Music by JB is an invaluable asset to lift the moods. Same applies for Editing by Uddhav which keeps the narration on fast pace. Production values of Bellamkonda Suresh doesn't need a special mention because 'Bus Stop' is wrapped on a shoe string budget.

Performance wise Prince is just okay and his voice isn't really appreciable. However, he has charming looks but needs a lot of development in diction and body language. Sri Divya is at tremendous ease and she is the best among entire lot when it comes to emotional excellence. Comedy timing of Sai Kumar Pampana will instantly split you in laughs. Rakshita is really hot and she can be the pick for other directors. Of the remaining characters Shalini's parents, Seema's parents have done a good job. Rao Ramesh's creative approach towards his daughter's love might be impractical but he stood as backbone in delivering the actual message to parents. 

Out of the Movie Bus Stop: In one line, those who have enjoyed the methodology and treatment of Maruthi in 'Ee Rojullo' will feel much better in 'Bus Stop.' The never falling narration graph, sustained youth elements amalgamated with mass scatological comedy will take the movie on an even path. Neither there is an exciting story line nor there is an innovative thought, Maruthi has just traveled on a beaten path driving on his own style. He has the clever knack of writing most efficient punch dialogues and this talent will help him for a long way to go.                                

Especially the CELL phone & SIM Card concept or Bathroom SKYPE concept or BATTING concept or the theme of offering Gifts to win Seema's love or the way a clever student Raja gets spoiled or even the way Parents teach a lesson to their spoilt Children (shown in just one song) and many more such episodes will showcase the realistic hardwork done by Maruthi in making a simple subject look more entertaining.

Teenage is most dangerous and highly valuable in every one's life. This is the age when difference of opinions pop up between children and parents. Each of them are right in their own perspectives. Freedom offered by parents should have to be properly utilised else life will be miserable for entire future. Infatuation, Romance, Love and other deviations are quite common in early Teenage. These are the solid and ever exhausitve bullet points on which many cinema stories are weaved. 'Bus Stop' is just one among them. Difference lies in the way Director projects the same on screen and Maruthi is a clear winner here.

With no big projects to release till the month end (leave 'Tupaki' because Vijay has no market in Telugu), 'Bus Stop' may not attract family audience for its boorish content yet movie will stand as a clear winner at BO. Bellamkonda Suresh might reap 500 or even 1000 per cent profits with this simple riskless bet.      

There is danger of Maruthi  becoming an inspiration fo aspiring directors coming into industry with dreams. However, practicality is different from theory and one should understand this from Maruthi's sense of approach.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Bus Stop: CELL PHONE with Full Signals in Complete Youth Coverage Area.

                                                                                                                           Reviewed by Srivaas

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