Burrakatha Review

Burrakatha Review
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Director: Diamond Ratna Babu
Producer: Srikanth Deepala
Release Date: Fri 05th Jul 2019
Actors: Aadi Saikumar
Burrakatha Rating: 1.25 / 5
Burrakatha Punchline: Matti Burra


Burrakatha Review, What’s Behind?

Young hero Aadi Saikumar is failing to score a hit despite many battles. Popular writer Diamond Ratna Babu is debuting as director. Both of them teamed up for Burrakatha, which has been waiting for release from long. Will this brainy movie provide a break for desperate two?

Burrakatha Story Review:

Born with two brains Abhiram (Aadi Saikumar) behaves like a twofold personality as Abhi and Ram. While Abhi wants to lead a carefree life with no responsibilities, Ram is a cool, composed and is good at studies. Entry of Happy (Mishti Chakraborty) and Gagan Vihari (Abhimanyu Singh) brings lots of troubles to Abhiram as the contrasting two brains begin to think unique. How he deals with rest of the problems faced in life forms crux of the story?


Burrakatha Artists, Technicians Review:

Of late, many talented writers are testing their luck as directors. But, very few of them attained success. Likewise, Diamond Ratna Babu made a profuse mark as dialogue as writer scoring few hit films under belt made his directorial debut with Burrakatha. Definitely he picked an interesting plotline of one man born with two brains. Idea though looks astonishing on paper, what really went wrong is screenplay and execution. With an intention of over commercializing the film, Ratna Babu unknowingly entered a regular template thus lacked in uniqueness. Screenplay is mind-numbing and direction is filled with too many flaws, especially second half flows turbulently with unwanted scenes inserted in the name of comedy relief. Even climax suffered badly.

Ram Prasad’s camera work is one of just ok whereas Sai Karthik’s work on songs, BGM is observed to be pretty ordinary. Editing by MR Varma should have been far better. Production values are decent.

Onto performances, Aadi Saikumar got a meaty role. Although he tried best to play the dual shaded role with élan, all his efforts on action part and dances went futile because of lethargic narration and lackluster screenplay. Nevertheless, the young hero was best at emotional display. Mishti Chakraborty and second heroine Naira Shah are wasted. Rajendra Prasad gave another neat performance as Aadi’s father. He is equally good at fun and emotional scenes. Abhimanyu Singh never appeared like a villain. Other supporting cast included for fun factor was just alright.

Burrakatha Review Advantages:

Tough To Find

Burrakatha Review Drawbacks:

Almost Everything

Burrakatha Review, Rating Analysis:

Diamond Ratna Babu failed both as writer and director in Burra Katha. Rather than experimenting and exploiting on an exciting plotline of hero with two brains, Ratna Babu chose to make a commercial entertainer missing the core. In the process, he filled the screenplay with forced and unwanted fun. On the whole, he ended up making a film which lacked both brain and heart.

First half begins on interesting note with establishment of protagonist’s character as a guy with two brains and how he behaves like a split personality. Abhi and Ram treat each other with disregard, as they believe the other side of them is responsible for what they lost in life. Abhi harasses and intimidates Happy who likes to bestow one hour of everyday to serve people. She bears all the harassment for no good reason and is no less than stupidity. Except for very few portions, comedy did not actually work out. Interval twist is okay. Abhimanyu Singh track is also insane.

Then pace never picked up in second half which too is filled with uncalled for episodes. Even the presence of few comedians never bought relief including the BAN spoof. Pre-climax is the only portion which generates meager interest. All the excitement disappears in no time with a poor climax.

Overall, Burrakatha is a brainless film with null score on all the departments. Except the plot and Aadi’s honesty, one can find no positives. CJ goes with 1.25 star rating and no surprises, if you guess the BO verdict right.


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