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Buridi Movie Review.First on Net
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Behind the Movie Buridi: Director EVV Satyanarayana known for his immense comic touch has delivered super hit ‘Evadi Gola Vaadide’ with his son Aryan Rajesh. With a big bunch of entire Tollywood comedy troop, EVV made this ‘Buridi’ and released opposite to Balakrishna’s ‘Simha.’ Let us count the laughs from this EVV’s account.

In the Movie Buridi: Dikkumaalina Don (MS Narayana) and his side kick Raghu Babu (Raghu Babu) who consider themselves as professional killers agree to kill a girl Aishwarya (Aishwarya) who is residing in Bangkok. They even take advance for this task from a stranger who appears in various getups like Chandrababu Naidu, Sachin Tendulkar, Rajinikanth, Chiranjeevi and others in order to hide his identity. MS and Raghu Babu land in Hotel Honeymoon in Bangkok which is owned by AVS (AVS), a movie buff who dreams to make his son Rajesh (Aryan Rajesh) a big hero.

Unfortunately MS and Raghu Babu loose the information about the girl’s room number but what they remember is that she is residing in 9th floor of the same hotel. MS and Raghu Babu take up Room No 901 and start their hunt for the girl from Room No. 902 to 909. Eight rooms and eight comic stories of these eight honey moon pairs who are Jayaprakash Reddy and Shakunatala; Krishna Bhagawan and a beautiful aunty; Jeeva and Sana; Suman Shetty and Hema; LB Sri Ram and Surekha Vani; Ali and a hot babe; Tirupathi Prakash and Geetha Singh; Shiva Reddy and an aunt.

But none of them are MS’s real targets, as the girl Aishwarya whom they are targeting has already shifted to Room No 801 and she is of course the new love of Rajesh. Aishwarya is daughter of Sarala (Kovai Sarala), divorced from husband Chalapathi (Chalapathi Rao) and married to Brahmi (Brahmanandam). Who is that stranger and why is he targeting Aishwarya? Is he any one among this entire comedy troop? Did MS kill Aishwarya or how did Rajesh save her? form the climax part of movie.

Values of the Movie Buridi: This is once again a khichidi entertainment from EVV Satyanarayana whose main intention was to make audience laugh in each and every scene. Movie runs almost the same line of ‘Evadi Gola Vaadide’ but not that perfect. Of all the eight stories, Jayaprakash Reddy and Shakunthala with names like Bunny (Of course it is like Allu Arjun of Arya movie) and Pentamma; Ali’s episode with a direct satire on ‘Adrushtam’ game show of Omkar and Krishna Bhagawan’s episode were hilarious. Other stories lacked the required punch in creating the humor. These kind of stories and scripting are like a cake walk for EVV but he missed comedy in second half by a mile and was unimpressive. Characters do the routine comedy and much of the scenes in movie are direct parody and satires on hit movies and well known personalities. Music by Koti was just okay. Other technical departments were not worth mentioning. Allari Naresh has given Voice Over in climax scenes. The much hyped Parody Song which comes late in the movie has upset the audience. Performance wise, all the characters share the equal screen time except fights and songs for Aryan Rajesh. Heroine Aishwarya looked glamorous with natural sex appeal.

Out of the Movie Buridi: EVV known for his regular punches and their timing has succeeded in delivering good entertainment in first half and first few minutes of second half. Once the plot of MS is revealed to eight pairs; story runs pale and even missed the comedy thus boring the audience. It was unnecessary to keep a fight for Aryan Rajesh in the last scenes and audience already started to move out of the hall. Songs were meant only for Aryan Rajesh and hasn’t helped the movie in any way. Presence of entire comedy community of Tollywood, continuous punches in first half, EVV style are treated positives while a boring and lagged second half, illogical scenes, unconnected songs and fights are more negatives for ‘Buridi.’

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Buridi: EVV's partial ‘Navvula Gaaradi.’

                                                                                               Reviewed by Srivaas

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