Bumper Offer Movie Review.

Bumper Offer Movie Review.
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Behind the Movie “Bumper Offer”: Puri Jagannadh looks like, great king of ancient times Vikramarka, for his continuous attempts to see his brother Sai Ram Shankar as settled hero. After 143 and Vaade Kaavaali, Puri once again tries to induce his brother by introducing his protégé Jaya Ravindra as Director with this “Bumper Offer” on his Vaishno banner. Debutant Music Director Raghu Kunche has already become famous with his lovely “Ramanamma” topping the charts.

In the Movie “Bumper Offer”: Sai (Sai Ram Shankar) is the poor guy who works as mechanic. His father (Chandrmohan) works as clerk in a real estate and construction office owned by Surya Prakash (Sayaji Shinde). Surya Prakash’s daughter Aishwarya (Bindu Madhavi) and Sai, as per the story fall in love. Aishwarya is a spoiled rich girl who is head strong and arrogant. When Surya Prakash knows about their love throws an open challenge to Sai to earn atleast half of his property and win his daughter. But Hero Sai vexed by this financial barrier, throws a counter challenge of bringing Surya Prakash to his standard. Did Sai win his challenge? If so, what are the tricks that he have used? Did Sai marry Aishwarya? Form the rest of the story.

Values of the Movie “Bumper Offer”: Sai Ram Shankar has done all that is possible from his side to show the difference of “Bumper Offer” from his earliest movies. His makeup, hair style, costumes, dialogue delivery, dances…he tried with everything. Still Sai Ram never looked like a kind of hero you are looking for. Bindu Madhavi is perfect match for Aishwarya. Her arrogant behavior, spicy looks, stylish dialogue delivery portrayed al together a different Bindu Madhavi compared to that in “Avakayi Biryani”. Sayaji Shinde was in his regular mode. Raksha as wife of Sayaji Shinde is okay. Chandra Mohan and Kovai Sarala are jig saw fit for the role of parents of Sai Ram. Ali, Venu Madhav tried to evoke laughter with spoof of “Magadheera” but themselves got spoofed. Raghu Kunche has undoubtedly shined with his Music. “Ramanamma” song is wooing (Shivaaleththisthundi) the audience in the theatres with whistles and dances. Story supplied by Puri Jagannadh is although not too much novel, but the twists in it showcase his natural style and same apply to his dialogues. Photography by Sai Sreeram is top notch. Editing by MR Varma is passable. Jaya Ravindra’s direction almost looked like that of Puri’s but Script looked a bit weak. There needs to be some more work done by Jaya Ravindra to excel in this department.

Out of the Movie “Bumper Offer”: This movie was really a “Bumper Offer” for Sai Ram from his brother Puri, given Sai has atleast concentrated a bit on his diction rather than any other departments. With good development shown in all departments by this young hero, his dialogue delivery and diction have made him the runner but not the winner of this “Bumper Offer”. The positive outcomes from this movie are Raghu Kunche and Bindu Madhavi. “Bumper Offer” resembles Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s “Challenge” to some extent but story doesn’t totally run on that line. Audiences feel of generating some interest with bang of Interval. But second half totally runs as you have expected. Climax is a big set back for the film.

Cine Josh Verdict “Bumper Offer”: Not a “Bumper Offer” but a damper offer from Puri.                      

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