Bruce Lee Review

Bruce Lee Review
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Bruce Lee Review, What’s Behind: What more can be a reason to wait for this movie except the comeback of Mega Star Chiranjeevi on big screen! Starring Ramcharan, Rakul Preet, Nadhiya, Rao Ramesh and other wonderful artists, the film directed by Srinu Vytla is hitting the screens today. So, let us quickly get into the later portions with our ‘Bruce Lee’ review.

Bruce Lee Story: Karthik and Kavya are the two cute brother and sisters of a middle class father (Rao Ramesh). With an un-supporting financial condition at home, Karthik (Ramcharan) sacrifices his education for the career of Kavya (Kriti Kharbhanda), who aspires to become an IAS officer fulfilling her father’s dream. Karthik becomes stunt master Bruce Lee working under senior action choreographer (JP). 

On the go, Vasundhara Group of Industries owned by Jayaraj (Sampath Raj) and Vasundhara (Nadhiya) forward a matrimonial deal of their son (Amitash Pradhan) for Kavya which is accepted by Karthik family. Problems arise when Karthik and his girlfriend Riya (Rakul Preet Singh) crack an illegal mafia of Deepak Raj (Arun Vijay) as a preparation for their video game animation. Here is the twist. Deepak Raj happens to be son of Jayaraj’s first wife (Tisca Chopra). In retaliation, antagonistic father and son frameworks a big damage to Karthik family. How Karthik aka Bruce Lee saves his family from the mess is rest.

Bruce Lee Artists and Technicians: Srinu Vytla + Kona Venkat, Gopi Mohan has drawn up a template of their own which is losing its incredible hold gradually. The inadmissible ‘Bruce Lee’ demonstrates the same statement with overall criticism aimed at those three. As a story, ‘Bruce Lee’ is wafer thin with lot of inspiration drawn from Gang Leader, Vijetha etc. More of comradeship is needed in the form of strong screenplay and direction. Regrettably, they missed altogether with a wide margin just running whole narration on a faded screenplay format with cyclic repetition of family scene, love scene, song and a fight with villain group.

Writing department has also done a feeble job with no lines worth to remember and no scenes worth to recollect. Kona and Gopi are unquestionably hurried projecting their inferiorly best output. Director Srinu Vytla also continued his weak form, better to address ‘Bruce Lee’ as ‘Aagadu 2.’

Cinematography by Manoj Paramahamsa is an evidence of top class work which arranged the mediocre scenes in bright light. Action shots, songs are brilliantly shot. MR Varma editing was deficient in fundamentals and the flow of story looked vague, astray. SS Thaman needs first rate applause for scoring rocking tunes and BGM needs special appreciations. Especially Chiranjeevi entry shot appeared mind blowing with breathtaking background. Choreography by Johnny master is mundane recapitulation of same leg movements which was quite boring. Last and not the least, DVV Danayya production values are of highest quality.      

Ramcharan needs no extra foreword. He is good at what he is and delivered the best in fights, dances and fewer emotional-connecting scenes in brother-sister sentiment. May be, Charan extended his comic timing by one step with lot more ease seen in his dialogue rendering and body language. Romantic chemistry with Rakul is acceptable but definitely not refreshing. Rakul upped the glam quotient with liberal skin show in songs. Her styling is awesome and can be called as feast for one’s eyes.

Rao Ramesh touched hearts with his brief role in sensitive approach while Kriti Kharbhanda is poignant. Sampath Raj showed two shades in villainy. Fresh face Arun Vijay is knavery. Fun quotient in Posani, Pridhviraj, Sapthagiri, Brahmanandam wasn’t the best expected from Kona and Vytla combination. Nadhiya, Parvathi Lokesh, Tisca Chopra, Amitash Pradhan, Harshavardhan, Mukesh Rishi etc filled the screen with their presence.

Bruce Lee Rating Analysis: Adopting a family drama with police or mafia action backdrop is not new for Vytla. He encouraged this typical formula, persuaded the same to audience and reassured this as only hit template Tollywood has to live on killing the very meaning of freshness. Breaking their promise, Kona and Gopi disapproved the trustworthiness audience had on ‘Bruce Lee.’ 

Every frame in the narration process is quite predictable and second half is predominantly discomfited with forcible injection of Brahmi as Suzuki Subramanyam. Story proceeds on quite slowly with overtly dragged pre climax episodes. When content in these scenes is routine and familiar, everything is terribly amiss. To beat all the dust out of this creeping boredom, Vytla cleverly exploited on Chiranjeevi with a cameo which served purpose in climax to enlighten our dead spirits. Of course, Chiranjeevi storms on to the screen and delivers the lethal impact. Bruce Lee second half minus Chiranjeevi, this is scrappy. In fact, presence of Mega Star is also just half justified when analyzed with script demands. 

Bruce Lee first half is better served entertaining stuff relative to over stretched and pointless déjà vu second half. Comedy wise, ‘Bruce Lee’ is not even 20 per cent of what Vytla has done to his best in the past. All in all, this product is par below in the quality standards set by Ramcharan or Vytla team which makes Bruce Lee worth to win 2.5 stars. Commercially, the return of Chiranjeevi on to big canvass alone has to be savior.

Bruce Lee Cinejosh Verdict: A Frustrating Fighter.

                                                        Bruce Lee Cinejosh Rating: 2.5/5.0

                                                                                          Reviewed by Srivaas

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