Brothers Review

Brothers Review
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Behind the Movie Brothers: Hero Suriya and director KV Anand is a high quality combination and producer Bellamkonda Suresh has offered the Telugu version of ‘Maatran’ in the form of ‘Brothers.’ With Kajal Agarwal serving the glam quotient and music of Harris Jayaraj already rocking, let us see how far KV Anand was able to repeat his ‘Rangam’ magic?

In the Movie Brothers: Akhil (Suriya) and Vimal (Suriya) are the conjoined twins born to an industrialist Ramchandra (Sachin Khedekar). He runs India’s most successful Milk Powder business of Energion. While Akhil believes in revolutionary ideologies, Vimal is exactly opposite who enjoys all the time roaming around pubs and girls. Both of them fall in love with beautiful Anjali (Kajal Agarwal) but Vimal sacrifices her for Akhil. In the mean time, a Ukrainian scientist Volga lands in India to research on Energion and she is killed suspiciously. Anjali finds Volga’s Pen Drive which has many secrets related to stunning facts behind Energion is handed over to Akhil and Vimal. In order to save his business, Ramchadra wanted the same at any cost. So, goons attack Akhil and Vimal for the same. A deadly fight results in the brain death of Akhil. Doctors are left with no option rather than transplanting the heart of Akhil into Vimal. So, Akhil is no more. How did Vimal carry on the operation and adventure of his brother? What is the real formula behind Energion? How is entire story connected to cold war between USSR and USA? How are Barcelona Olympics of 1992 linked to this story? Why did Vimal and Anjali leave to Ukraine to complete this adventure? What is the true face of Indian renowned Genetic Engineer Ramchandra?

Values of the Movie Brothers: Like ‘7th Sense’ in the past, the important ingredient which makes ‘Brothers’ altogether a different experience is connectivity of Contemporary Science, Scientific Researches with an Emotion and Message Oriented drama. Director KV Anand always touches out of the box concepts and ‘Brothers’ too is the same. He was more effective in the first half dealing with conjoined Suriya. In second half, as movie enters into adventurous journey with a mission to accomplish, he lost the grip on narration dropping the momentum. Soundara Rajan’s cinematography was exemplary catching the virgin locations all over world. Anthony’s editing was superb for first half and second half needed some trimming. Dialogues by Sri Rama Krishna were also okay. Harris Jayaraj’s background was exhilarating and a couple of songs are melodiously well picturised. Production values of Bellamkonda Suresh are top notch.

Performance wise, these characters of Akhil and Vimal were a cake walk for Suriya. He has shown the much needed contrast in both. As usual sensible dance moves and simple motions worked well on Suriya. Heroine Kajal Agarwal is a delightful feast for eyes. She is just gorgeous in glamorous costumes. Sachin Khedekar is a right fit for antagonist as a psycho father who clubs even his family with science and research. Remaining Ravi Prakash and other foreign artists were limited to small roles.

Out of the Movie Brothers: Openly speaking this is totally a ‘Hatke’ project from what we see in the regular heroism based no-concept movies. A tight screenplay has done the trick for first half and when execution went on to adventurous journey to Ukraine, director fumbled here and there. Yet, ‘Brothers’ is a worth watch movie for audience who enjoy innovative scripts. Rarely do we see directors and story writers experimenting on this genre of entertainment mixed with adventure and emotion.

For audience who expect ‘Brothers’ as a title which relates emotional bonding between conjoined twins, you go absolutely wrong. If first half was well mixed with entertaining episodes, enough focus was also allotted to exact conflict which will become crucial in second half. However, we find second half as some sort of a bouncer below our expectations. So, first half can be rated as excellent in comparison to an average second half.  
Lengthy span of story starting from a local branded milk powder touching the International rivalries and 1992 Olympic is a rare visualization possible only for men like KV Anand. He should be appreciated for the kind of extensive research and hard work put in scripting with minute details paid due attention. For regular audience who love to follow and enjoy the formula of three emotional scenes, four fights and five songs might not easily digest movies of this genre. Commercial success in Telugu and Tamil may be although doubtful, ‘Brothers’ will remain as a brave and best attempt by KV Anand to raise the thinking levels of South cinema.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Brothers: An Intelligent Movie for Intelligent Audience. 
                                                                                                  Reviewed By Srivaas

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