Brochevarevarura Review

Brochevarevarura Review
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Director: Vivek Athreya
Producer: Vijay Kumar Manyam
Release Date: Fri 28th Jun 2019
Actors: Sree Vishnu
Brochevarevarura Rating: 3.0 / 5
Brochevarevarura Punchline: Simple And Sweet

Brochevarevarura Review, What’s Behind?

Mental Madhilo combo Sree Vishnu, Vivek Athreya and Nivetha Pethuraj is back with another hilarious entertainer Brochevarevarura which has prominent padding in form of Satyadev, Rahul Ramakrishna and Priyadarshi. Will they impress yet another time?

Brochevarevarura Story Review:

Rahul (Sree Vishnu), Rakesh (Priyadarshi) and Rambabu (Rahul Ramakrishna) are good friends and is referred as R3 batch. Though all of them fail to crack intermediate, they won’t much bother about. Joining the party is principal’s daughter Mithra (Nivetha Thomas) who too is weak at studies and interested in Bharatanatyam. To help Mithra, R3 batch take a dangerous decision inviting lots of unwanted troubles. What do they do? How they came out of all the problems?

Well, how this story is linked to other parallel story of a budding filmmaker (Satyadev) and a popular actress Shalini (Nivetha Pethuraj) is what makes Broche a different flick?

Brochevarevarura Artists, Technicians Review:

Chalaname Chitramu… Chitrame Chalanamu… is the caption of film. Think the meaning of caption in plain literal terms, second half will provide the answer. Vivek Athreya has come up with a simple yet intriguing concept. First half of the film is thoroughly entertaining with R3 batch comedy in college campus. Second half is though not that engaging, yet it is not boring either. Two different stories interlinked just before interval is a new experience altogether.

Vivek Sagar is continuing to make an impression with musical work on songs and background score. While songs are melodiously situational, BGM rendered good support storytelling. Cinematographer Sai Sriram does a good job with atypical color tone and editing by Ravi Teja is sharp enough. Production values from Manyam Productions are fine.

Onto performances, each and every artist enjoyed working on respective character. One can observe their comfort levels in enacting their roles. R3 batch aka Sree Vishnu, Rahul Ramakrishna and Priyadarshi were jovial most of the times, wherein they turned emotional in few potions of second half. Entire story is centered on Nivetha Thomas character and she just lived in it. Harshavardhan and Sivaji Raja tickled funny bones with light humor. Satyadev and Nivetha Pethuraj looked good as pair. Srikanth Krishnaswamy was apt for the role of Nivetha’s father and Ajay Ghosh is okay.

Brochevarevarura Review Advantages:

First Half Humor

Lead Actors, Characterizations

Nivetha Thomas

Adequate Entertainment

Interval Bang 


Brochevarevarura Review Drawbacks:

Thin Story-line

Boring Moments In Second Half

Cinematic Liberty

Brochevarevarura Review, Rating Analysis:

It requires lot of efforts, patience for a filmmaker to work on screenplay with a thin story-line. Unlike thick plots which ease the pain in writing, scripts like Broche are hard to handle. Vivek Athreya took the challenge and succeeded at large. Besides entertaining us with hilarious writing, he rightly incorporated the serious subject of girls facing sexual abuse at different places which also shows his social responsibility.

First half begins on an interesting note with an upcoming filmmaker narrating his incomplete story to a popular actress. The story is about a moody and dull student Mithra meeting the R3 batch with whom she develops friendship. All the college episodes, especially the exam paper scene is hilarious. Kidnap drama is one of the best entertaining parts. Enough focus on Mithra’s character, her personal life, stubborn father and troubles with tuition master who happens to be her father’s best friend... everywhere Vivek dealt emotions quite efficiently, coupled with best work from Nivetha. Interval is on with a twist of- Chalaname Chitramu… Chitrame Chalanamu…

Latter half too begins on a curious note with R3 batch making efforts to save Mithra. On the other hand, emotional dose is added to Satyadev’s story. Both R3 batch and Satyadev search for a missing phone which set the things on chase. Who will get it is rest of story with realization on both Mithra and father over their mistakes. The extended simple climax is a mix of emotions and fun.

Overall, Brochevarevarura is a complete entertainer with good message. Had Vivek Athreya crisped second half, it would have been easily one of the best films in recent times. Still, youth as well as family audience will enjoy thoroughly. CJ goes with 3 stars and the film has fair chances to do well in class centers.


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